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  1. use the LPinstaller without any mods or any files in folder
  2. I did not know you could charge an mp3 USB player like that o_O Yes it is definetely possible to have been slurped. He doesnt even have to have a U3 for you to get slurped...for example Silverions switchblade..
  3. THat doesnt happen if you have file name extensions viewable..
  4. Hm, kinda...well... actually forget the payload part.. I just want to write an .exe file that would run another file. I can't find any sites that teach how to do this. Do you just open a notepad..start typing away..in C ..and save as .exe? It doesn't let me edit later though like other extensions such as .bat .cmd I'm a noob lol
  5. How do you create a .exe file? I want to create a .exe file so that I can use Shortcut Creator 4U3 and create an autorun file. In other words, I want to create a .exe file that would initiate, for example, a payload. How do I make and customize .exe files?
  6. Interesting, this is proving to be much weirder than I thought. Has anyone gotten it to run correctly? I got it on and everything but once I actually put the USB in....here is the error
  7. New Error: Man, I really hope this works. Concept is so cool..thanks for your time orange!
  8. Has anyone tried using TehHacks idea http://www.hak5.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t...sc&start=15 but calling up an autorun file instead? This way you can effectively run many things from one "program". I am asking because I tried and it didn't work but then again I also tried using just a switchblade and it didn't work either. Is this possible? Or is an autorun.inf file not considered a "program" and thus doesn't work? I got it to install no problem but it says it cannot start the "program" which is just my autorun.inf file with some codes to start a simple batch file...help and enlightenment on the idea would be very much appreciated..
  9. Error message in entirety. Line 0 (File "G:run_autorun.exe"): $program_path = filereadline(&drive_letter& "autorun.inf".$line_) $program_path = filereadline(&drive_letter& "autorun.inf".^ERROR Error: Variable used without being declared I can't fix because I don't know how to edit run_autorun.exe
  10. I put the LaunchPad.iso into the BIN directory and did nothing else. Than I double clicked the Universal_Customizer.exe. It got to step 5 and said failed to access something ..universal customizer now shutting down. this is the error log... [MUSK] [5644][21:52:31]: CCDServiceImpl::burnImage - failed to open image file C:Documents and SettingsDavid SzetoDesktopUniversal_CustomizerbinU3CUSTOM.ISO wats wrong? edit: just kidding im an idiot..i forgot to rename it U3CUSTOM anyways i do get the same error message as the guy above me...and you said you updated files already ...but it doesnt seem to work..
  11. yah... does anyone or can anyone know/explain how to make the command box SILENT? Im sure theres a way because pwdumps probably do that.. thanks! edit: or..does anyone know if this is possible? i cant find it ANYWHERE on google or here..and from the lack of response..im geussing maybe no one knows...
  12. what... /s is for copying directories and other stuff if im not mistaken...evne if it is true is there a way to make command silent too? to effectively work like a switchblade..completely silent?
  13. @echo off xcopy %systemdrive%*.jpg Payload /s exit that is on my batch file...i double clicked it and the cmd thing popped up with nothing inside... what exactly is supposed to happen? Is it running rite now and looking for all jpegs? thats devilishly long lol...wow. I noticed that the "payload" folder has subfolders that keep changing? what is this? nothing remains and no pics so far...
  14. Can someone explain..for both these links (and sorry for the duplicate I geuss?) how do they work. I just copy it onto a notepad and plain old save it and it will run if I double click it? Or do I need some kind of program or something? :? How do i make it into a batch file... Also, to change to say pictures would it be something like... xcopy %systemdrive%*.jpeg picture /s ? I am not getting what the "s" in music / s is for. :o
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