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  1. Good to see you back. I saw you a couple times posting as "jdav" (Or something along those lines) on [H]ardForum. I've been kinda lagging behind in posts recently.
  2. Agreed about the sunglasses thing. The other picture looks kinda sorta like Kevin P.
  3. Post pictures of your desktop. Here's mine: Omfg. Thumbnail Most beautiful girl. Evar.
  4. Chawklit rayn! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't laughing the whole way through. Esp. when the reporter says "Epic lulz" in a serious tone.
  5. Is Torrent still playing? Or did it get replaced with the more old episodes of X-play?
  6. Signed up for Pownce a few days ago, and have 6 invites. Shoot me a message with your email and I'll send you an invite
  7. I remember trying to play LSL at the age of 6 or something when I found it in one of my dad's folders. I think I walked into the back alley, got punched out, and went back to playing Commander Keen. (Still a VERY good game IMO)
  8. Drinking plenty of fluids always helps. :-)
  9. My family's first computer was 486, I think I might've been two or three, possibly older.
  10. No, sorry. I got a chance to talk to Jarett and Geoff (And Bill Marchant, Evil Wine Guy) after the screening. We were some of the last people to leave. I'm gonna start a new thread with a write-up on the experience as well as pictures, etc.
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