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  1. Massive, perhaps pointless, bump on this topic, but do you guys have the payloads archived somewhere? I'm looking for both the U3 and Non-U3 versions. Played with this ages ago, and something interested me in this again, but I lost my backups like 4 years ago :) So if anyone could upload them somewhere I would be very grateful! Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I can remote-login to my PC @ home. It's just that this would require a wireless connection or a GPRS (3G) connection. The first one might not be always available and the second one is just too damn expensive in my country so it's not really an option. Either way, I was looking for a solution which doesn't require the use of an additional PC or laptop but just the cell-phone itself. You know, a solution for those times when I get mentally hit by the algorithm I was trying to solve for the past 3 days :) So far my solution to the problem is taking notes, but I was hoping to go for something leeter :) Thanks for your suggestion though! Keep em coming :D
  3. Hey guys, Recently I came to a conclusion that I would benefit from being able to code on the go. Nothing too serious, just finishing CS homework when I find some free time and I'm not close to a PC or laptop. Tried Google but couldn't find anything concrete so I decided to ask here. I'm primarily interested in a java compiler, but for the sake of curiosity I'd go for C, C++ or anything else that might be available out there somewhere. I'm running Windows Mobile 6.5 so I'm looking for something having that in mind. I honestly have no clue whether something like this exists but I'm totally interested in trying it out if it does. In case anyone has used such a thing, and/or has any info on where to continue my search please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hmmmm, so there is some truth to my cat theory after all :) /applause to ansichild for the comment about space/time requirements of dogs vs. cats... This seems to be the main issue favoring cats... I mean when us geeks are in front of a PC, we ARE IN FRONT OF A PC and no one is supposed to bother us with the desire to take a walk :) Oh, and I wasn't expecting a Children=Programs analogy at all, but it did provoke some lols :) All the best guys! EDIT: Here's my devil right here :)
  5. Funny thing happened a few days ago. I was involved in a discussion about which pet truly describes a geek. Course, many pets were involved but we mainly focused on cats and dogs. I'm not sure whether my conclusion actually holds some ground but I have the feeling that in my surrounding environment all geeks have cats (myself included). This is why I wanted to collect some data from the community and set this question to rest once and for all :) So please, vote in the poll and add your thoughts and views under this topic, and in case you selected "Other" be sure to tell us what it is. Thanks guys and let the bashing begin! ;)
  6. Haha, that's a nice way to put it :) Thanks a lot guys! I feel better already!
  7. Hey guys, recently I found myself in a situation where I ran a dual monitor setup where the two monitors are right next to each other. One of them is CRT and the other LCD. I'm wondering, can the electrical/magnetic "radiation" of the CRT monitor harm the LCD in any way? Or perhaps the other way around although that doesn't really make sense to me at all. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks digip... I was afk on this forum for quite some time, and just remembered about this post.. I don't have a particular menu style in mind so on your "Flash or just css/xhtml" question, I'd say, both, whatever.. I think I prefer doing something flashy for this particular project though, as those are my requirements. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out as soon as I can. Regards.
  9. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask for your opinion on good addon software for Dreamweaver that helps create interactive menus. Ages ago, when I built my last website I was using Xara Webstyle 4, but I have some encoding problems with it as I'm not building the menu on English. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. I'm interested in what you guys use for this purpose. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks a lot dimitar! Yeah, I already found some alternatives that are supported by my router and will check those out along with the ones you suggested. This whole issue I'm having is in my "college apartment", at home I have a WRT54GL which I believe supports dd-wrt quite well. Which Linksys router model are you using? Do you (or any of you guys around here) believe that dd-wrt is the best solution as far as replacing firmwares goes, or is it a matter of needs and personal opinions as well since I haven't used a "custom" firmware before? Thanks a lot!
  11. Nah, the official Linksys firmware (interface) doesn't have WoL support (which totaly sux) and Linksys sais that they don't even plan to implement it (lame)... I am going to result to dd-wrt firmware if nothing else works since I saw that quite a few people reccomend it. As for the static IP's, computers on my LAN already have them configured and working.. Still, I don't believe they make much difference since the Magic Packet targets a MAC. On a different note, dd-wrt is a replacement firmware which needs to be flashed onto the router? Is it a problem to rollback to the original firmware in case I experience problems, since dd-wrt firmware will guarantee no customer support from my ISP. Thanks for all your replies guys! EDIT: Seems this router (WAG200G) is not supported by dd-wrt... One more challenge please :)
  12. Guys, the WoL works with a MAC address alone when you're using it on the same LAN. I'm trying to use it over the internet so I have to send the packed to the IP address of the router so it can reach my network (as I already stated in my previous post). The packet itself contains the MAC address of the computer I'm trying to WoL. As I read some stuff around, it turns out that the problem is probably caused from the fact that this packet needs to be broadcasted in my network and whichever NIC recognizes the MAC address wakes up. Now, probably, the router doesn't want to broadcast this packet since it may assume it's some sort of DoS attack. Workarounds? Possible solutions? IDK.
  13. I'll cut the long story short by saying that my NIC and BIOS are configured to accept WoL. I also confirmed this since WoL works when I send the Magic Packet from another computer on the same LAN. Problem is that my main idea/need is to power my pc on through the internet. I was of course supposed to port forward UTP port 7 or 9 or whichever (as seen from various sources online) to allow the magic packet sent through the internet to reach the "inside" of my network. As I understood, the packet needs to be forwarded to the broadcast address of the network since a powered off computer doesn't actually have an IP. Now, my Linksys doesn't allow me to port forward to an IP ending with *.*.*.255 since it can only accept 1-254. I saw various "fixes" to this online but I decided to take a different road. I just changed the subnet of my network to instead of the old This makes x.x.x.127 my broadcast address and I can port forward to it, which i did. However, although I believe everything is set up correctly, the packet just doesn't reach the computer in question. Oh yeah, I also have a dyndns account pointing to the WAN IP of the router so the dynamic IP is not a problem. Anyway, this doesn't work even if I use the actuall IP instead of the DNS entry. I'm just wondering if anyone out there successfully implemented WoL over the net and can maybe shed some light on my situation because I tried most of the things good ol' google recommended. Thanks in advance!
  14. I actually got a bunch of T-Shirts to show/prove my nerdiness to the world. They are not understood 99% of the time, but the 1% some1 gets it, I'm so nerdy-proud. - hak5 shirt - I'm only here because my server is down. - There's not place like - The sun is trying to kill me. - Social Engineering specialist. Because there's no patch for human stupidity. - There are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who can read binary and those who can't. - Stop laughing, computers are cool now. - God, save my files. Oh, and the laptop being a standard item in my backpack that rarely leaves my sight doesn't exactly say I work in carpentering. Nerd Pride!
  15. The funny thing is that they are going after "Earth Hour". I mean, that particular hour. Just shut your lights whenever you leave a room and turn your PC (PC Equipment) off whenever you don't have a "standby activity" taking place. Every bit helps, even though I agree with the drop in the ocean analogy. "Making" someone turn off the lights for 1 hour and having them on for the other 8759 hours of the year is not what this is about. ... At least in my opinion ...
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