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  1. Meh, I don't really care for Ubuntu. I prefer Open Suse and Fedora. During the first few months of Vista's release, I installed it on my machine just to see what it was like. At first, I was mildly impressed, but as I started doing some heavy tasks,, the shit hits the fan. I'll just stick to Win XP Corp Ed for a few more years.
  2. anybody recommend some good third party password protection tools?
  3. I wouldn't teach her how to do it man. Myspace and instant messaging can be very distracting from work. And I'm not saying she will get into trouble, but I am saying that what if people start seeing her on myspace and instant messenger, they are going to want to get on to. Then they are going to start bitching, and it's going to start a fucking riot. tell her to stick to her work and play at home.
  4. Well, thank God that Bush's term is over in 1 1/2 years. He's probably going to spend as much of his time taking control of the world and our lives, creating more scandals, controversy and doing more fuck ups. We are in for a long 1 1/2 years people.
  5. My name is Steve aka 1337n00b Favourite game: n/a Favourite OS: Fedora Core 6 Favourite console: n/a Nationality: American/European (my dad is from America my mom is from England) Accent: southern Sex: Male Age:20 Race: White American Height: 5'9 Status: happily with the love of my life. Build: skinny Favourite band: tie between Metallica and Pantera Favourite book: n/a Favourite author: J.K. Rowling Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption or Mall Rats Favourite director: Kevin Smith Favourite TV Show: hak5 and diggnation Favourite actor: Denzel Washington Favourite actress: Kate Hudson Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: George Carlin and Bill Maherl Other hobbies: web design and programming, bicycling and swmming Occupation: freelance computer tech and web designer
  6. eh, i hate ubuntu. the ubuntu kernal has some flaws that overwork your mobo and cpu, like it did with mine. i'll stick to fedora.
  7. Alrighty, so I've downloaded and burned Freespire and FC7 onto dvds, but I got a question. Is Freespire really that great? And are there any significant improvements on FC7 over FC6?
  8. well, i found out what happened. nothing was wrong with the drive after all. but all is fixed. it had something to do with the latest os not liking the older the os. i fixed it by formatting the drive using a win 2k cd and then installed xp corp over it.
  9. when i went to hs, i had access the admins acct, so i just reset the backup operators acct password and used that acct; it was totally sweet because i didnt have to worry about using proxies to browse the web.
  10. i downloaded an app called killdisk, and ill try see if that works.
  11. Damnit. The bios still detects it though. I'll hook it up to a friends computer just to make sure it's not dead.
  12. I was using Vista Ultimate with two hard drives. An 80gb WD and a 160 gb WD. I used the 80gb to install programs and the 160gb for all my stuff, pictures, videos and stuff like that. I backed up all of my stuff on from the 160gb and deleted the volume using Vista's built in disk management. I decided to run daris boot and nuke (dban) on both of the drives; my 80gb still works (I installed Fedora 6 on it) but my 160gb doesn't work. Actually, computer runs 10x slower when I have the 160gb hd hooked up (sata), so I just disconnected it from the mobo and my computer works great. I still want to use my 160gb hard drive, but it won't work at all and it slows the system down horrible. Can someone offer an idea or help, this really sucks.
  13. Definately go with the 2 * 1gb sticks. In regards to the 4* 512mb, basically less chips less problems you'll run into, if any.
  14. Thanks. I already know how to install them, and most of the theory, I just wasn't sure if I'd get a huge performance increase. And meh, 5-10% won't be that noticeable.
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