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  1. Happy Bday.

  2. I'm Famicoman. Aka Mike, but don't call me by the latter. Favorite game: Tetris (Mostly because of its portability) Favorite OS: Windows 98 Se Favorite console: N64 Nationality: American Accent: South Philly Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: Caucasian Height: 6â€67ish’ Status: Single Build: I've Been told I'd be good at football :S Religion: Atheism Favorite band: NoFX Favorite book: Animal Farm (George Orwell) Favorite author: John Steinbeck Favorite movie: Requiem for a Dream Favorite director: Quentin Tarantino Favorite TV Show: N/A Favorite actor: Edward Norton Favorite actress: Linda Hamilton Favorite Pinup: Jessica Biel Favorite Comedian: Mitch Hedburg Other hobbies: Gaming, Filmography, Paintball, Wireless Networking, Culture Jamming, Writing ( Nonfiction + Poetry ), Xbox Modding, Urban exploration, Programming, accumulating old hardware, IPTV. Car: Screw Cars, I enjoy walking Occupation: None, I'm still in school and usually get something for the summer. As for what I do around here, I can usually be caught here on the forums or on irc. I am one of the Wiki Administrators for the coveted Hak5 Wiki I have founed the Hak5 Folding@Home Team. Those of you who are in it, I'm really amazed that it has come this far. We are in the top 600 teams. Other groups have tried to make it in that bracket for years, and not come as far as we have in the few months this group has been active, I also started up Analog5, an ezine to be launching on January 15th, 2007. I am currently looking for articles for it, and basically anyone with something to say or explain is accepted. I have also helped to found the Community Rainbow Tables IRC room alongside Silivrenion who leads the project and have since completed project Community Rainbow Tables. We hope get to another medium soon. All in all, I am really aproachable, feel free to hit me up anywhere, whenever.
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