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  1. Don't download it. Period. It IS bound with malicious code. Usually people will bind the botnet bot code to the booter in order to get more bots to effectively DDoS the target. Not only does this application promote unlawful distributed denial of service, but it also goes against the Xbox Live TOS. You will become infected if you use it.
  2. Some of you might know that I run the IPTV Archive and likewise I am looking for certain iptv videos. However as opposed to the common vidcasts of today, I am looking for the rough-around-the-edges internet video stuff from the 1990's. Stuff that people got off of Napster and exchanged by sneakernet. I was reminded of this scene when looking through the Hak5 Documentary posted a few days ago which redirected me to the "Story of Hak5" special from the Hak5 Best of DVD. So ultimately, this is me asking if anyone has any of these types of videos. I'm looking for anything from the era, the stuf
  3. Presenting IPTV Archive MKII http://cmdline.tv/iptvarchive/
  4. Famicoman


    Because you all didn't get my pm, but might want to know
  5. http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/Analog5:000_Article_009
  6. This has come up quite a bit through the past years. It all comes down to "would you really be willing to join a vpn with a bunch of "hackers". A vpn with complete strangers.
  7. You missed a handful. Should go through the posts of the user, not just stumbled around for them. <3 IPB
  8. I'm not old enough, but even if I was, I would not.
  9. I think this could turn out really well. The hardest part isn't launching these projects, but keeping them going.
  10. This sounds like someone took the #hak5auditorium and ran with it, as moonlit said.That was Amish's baby if I remember... what ever happened to him?
  11. server at home. a shell at least. windows if you want out of the box door games. In all honesty, synchronet has functionality in like 3 mins out of the box. If I could set one of those up when I was here and like 13 years old, you should have no problem. Easy setup "wizard".
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