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  1. I just got a new laptop that came with vista 32-bit. I use a Linux mint desktop, so I plan to install that and install vista 64-bit for gaming and a few other applications. Is there a way I can access my Mint desktop partition from vista besides just installing one or the other in a VM? Also, does anyone know how vista 64-bit might run in a 32-bit linux VM?
  2. I agree with Sparta and Vako. If you get a virus and its causing trouble no telling what else it did or how many times it had replicated it self. You just need to reinstall and get it over with. I did it for a friend yesterday, she "downloaded a anti-spyware tool off myspace". :P
  3. anyedie

    Hak5 Darknet

    I would join a hak5 darknet as long as membership was limited to those more trustworthy.
  4. I have a myspace, but all thats really on it is the single line of html that crashes it a couple times (posted more than once it crashes IE7!). <style>*{position:relative}</style><table><input></table> As far as facebook, I think there are too many applications, they are both just annoying... as are the people addicted.
  5. Yea, I watched this at DragonCon last year for about an hour. It wasent mario, it was a montage, but still awesome to see in real life.
  6. Have Demonoid, and a private music tracker, Looking for a private movie tracker. I've got a 6.0 ratio at nearly 750GB uploaded on demonoid, So, SEEEEEEEEEEEEEED a good bit. pm me, or email at any3di3 { at } gmail { dot } com
  7. anyedie


    I realize the situation here, but does anyone remember this: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,8785.0.html
  8. Proud Opera user of 5 years. Firefox can be a good tool every once an a while for certain things like firebug 8), but Opera makes a great browser, and just as good as a tool for most things :-P
  9. no thanks, I don't need a bluray player yet.
  10. agreed, this is completly unacceptable!
  11. Wow, this is encouraging. I think that people trying to do what is said in this thread is exactly what this community need to get it's heart back. :-D
  12. from what i can remmeber: a few 'steal this computer book's art of deception art of intrusion fear and loathing in las vegas hell's angels a bunch of the Magic: the gathering books phi a few number theory books thats about it! :-P
  13. i Have one of those, but i Want a new computer! to the OP: try to be more specific!
  14. lol, my girlfriend made a few of these in high school 8)
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