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  1. The US Gov does have destruction methods in writing that are to be followed to the T. If it cant be properly destroyed on site, stuff can be sent to the NSA for propper destruction. My personal favorite way to destroy CD's is the lay them shiny side up on asfault and step on and grind it around, that was the film is shreded in to ity bity peices, then I'll either shred or snap the plastic by bending. http://www.sdisac.com/nsa-destruct.html
  2. For the most part, that is exactly the type of policy seen on the classified side of the DOD/GOV sectors. And it is pretty well known that you don't fuck around when it comes to classified shit. Most of the people who have access/clearance are pretty aware of how important that is, but when you work around it all day everyday (depending on the environment), you get more relaxed around it. That is probably how this incident occurred. I still have a hard time imagining why it wasn't noticed when changing from uniform/work-clothes to club clothes...
  3. I blame the users...I do. It may sound like a cop-out but the policies are in place and training is offered to prevent incidents like these but still they happen. With everything in place there are only two reasons why this kind of thing still happens. 1: It happened because somebody was being paid to do it. (Selling Secrets) 2: All Advice, Training, and Policies were ignored. (Due to lack of convenience or understanding) With technology becoming so prominent in today’s society, it’s important to have an understanding of how it works. It's should no longer be acceptable for a person
  4. I remember I was looking through the forums on rev3 and somebody mentioned that "Hak5 was coming along." And that is how I stumbled upon this show. Somewhere around 1x05-1x08 Don't remember. Hmm, and now they're on rev3... right back where I started.
  5. Can't wait either... Need my Hak5 fix.
  6. That thing doesn't look 'sea worthy'. It looks like it walks more than swims....Although the hands look underdeveloped, maybe it hadn't even been born...
  7. There are too many people trying to get into the spotlight. I think that is why there is so much crap. A lot of the idea's are not bad really, they just aren't developed enough to base a weekly show on. If you want to produce a reoccurring show, there needs to be new, changing content. I think there is more potential in movie/documentary like shows. Something that you could take a small idea, and instead of stringing you along for 5min every week, lay it all out there in a 1 hour to 1-1/2 hour show. Problem with that is there is no reoccurring "star". Off and on I read this comic, Ctrl
  8. Your gonna have to drop the games at least for the most part. You have to WANT to learn. Without motivation or a desire to better yourself it is very hard to sit down and learn something. You are going to have be able to realize that you are in a rut and understand that only you can get yourself out. YOU have to make things happen. Identify your problem, and figure out a way around it. From what you were saying it seems like video games seem to be your current road block. If you have a problem choosing to play vs. something else, you need to make something else seem more appealing. S
  9. So I have a LAN admin type question. I am responsible for 90 computers and their ability to keep the organization running, but we are mobile so we typically piggy-back onto someone elses network. I have to find ways to run a network with limited access,but because of the red tape and ignorance of the people running the network I may or may not be able to use their resources for this. So without installing a server os, or attatching a NAS, how can I share a portion of hard disk out to up to 90 users at a single time? OS that I have to work with is win2k, and these computers are in a domain
  10. So, I come home after work, and I boot up all my computers. I'm gonna be out of town this weekend and I wanted to install NSTX on my server/test box. I vnc into it and go to put some food in the oven...come back less than a minute later..and a command prompt is open. I look at my room mate like "WTF? did you do this?" I look closer.... don't remember the command exactly, but it was downloading a file "RPCALL.exe" from some FTP through the cmd prompt. Unfamiliar with it I watch, and wonder..."is this something I have installed doing something?" ....Nope, the courser starts moving and th
  11. http://www.andlinux.org/ Just thought this looked cool, saw it on digg. Any Comments?
  12. if her bill doesn't show anything else...Don't accept blocked calls.... Then if they want to call and listen, they have to unblock their number...
  13. That's awesome, it looks like the shelf at the bookstore. I'm cheap, I'll see a book, want it...then decide that I could probably find the information on the internet (which is free) and decide not to buy it. But I'm really happy with my last purchase, the telecommunications book, it took a lot of things I already understood, and put it together to form the big picture. Also, the dummies books are pretty good to, when your starting out, it's good to get the gist of things before you get into the nitty gritty of something.
  14. Along with a handfull of PDF's, and IPTV shows, my biggest resource of info is the almighty internet. But sometimes you just have to get the real deal... What ACTUAL books do you have on your bookshelf? My bookshelf. THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO TELECOMMUNICATIONS (4th ED.) LINUX...FOR DUMMIES (8th ed.) THE ARRL HANDBOOK FOR RADIO AMATEURS (2001) Not very impressive, but just wondering what some of you guys have. -Arsen
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