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  1. '95 Ford Explorer Limited for me Mint green 4x4 Had it for 4yrs now.
  2. Don't be surprised when someone starts their own animated version of Hak5 with fully articulated 3DMAX models now. :) reminds me of the movie Looker.
  3. Ender's game and the rest of the series. Rendezvous with Rama, and the rest of it's series. Micheal Crichton books Armor by John Steakley is one of my favorites.
  4. Came on my radar when the Diggnation parody was mentioned on Diggnation. Been watching ever since.
  5. Nerdier than I thought I was. Nice. :)
  6. Congrats on the level 1 human. Gonna be a while before she gets out of the starter zone. :)
  7. Laptop 1280x800 Desktop 20" 1680x1050+ 19" 1280x1024 HTPC 1366x768 32" olevia I run all my lcd's at native res. I want a 28" next. 30" native res is way to high for me and 24" is the same as the 28" so why not go bigger. :)
  8. I've got to make it to one of their Toronto Premiere's sometime. How many have you been to so far Snubs ?
  9. Consoles: Xbox 360 Xbox Wii DS Lite Not technically consoles but played many games on em, Atari 400,800XL,130XE,1040STE Amiga 500 PC: C2D E4300 EVGA 8800GTS Gigabyte GA-945G-DS3 2GB DDR2 320GB seagate drive Antec Solo case Samsung dvd burner 20" LG lcd monitor Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Intel Dual Core(not C2d :( ) 1.8hz Says it can be upgraded to 2GB ram, but was able to squeeze 3GB in. :) Blazing fast intel x3100 video :) Can play C&C Generals, but not C&C 3 :( 15.4 widescreen
  10. 1 19" samsung 1280x1024 1 20" LG widescreen 1680x1050 hooked to a 9800pro,but soon to be 8800gtx :) living room is 32" olevia TV 1366x768 into 9600xt AIW
  11. I was wondering the same thing. This is his definition of a wog. http://wikiwog.com/index.php/Wogs
  12. Most monitors now have 2 inputs. Either 1 DVI and one VGA, or 2 DVI's. Since your only using 2 computers, you could simply switch between them from the monitors themselves. You'll just have to have 2 keyboards and mice, obviously.
  13. I had a Shuttle that I ran 24/7 running Folding@home, when I wasn't using it as my main PC. It died. Pretty sure it was the motherboard that went after swapping out parts(which was a real pain, considering it's cramped quarters). I still have one that works, but it does light duty, as it sits in my work locker and only comes out a few hours a night. :)
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