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Brown coat?

Darren Kitchen

Brown Coat?  

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    • No
    • I don't get it

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I'm assuming Brown Coat is related to the show Firefly?

Brown Coats:

A slang term for the Independent Faction, due to the color of the Independent soldier's uniform jacket.

Fans of Firefly are also known as Browncoats. It's thanks to the support of Browncoats that the movie Serenity exists.

If yes it is, then I would have to say no. I've never seen the show. Maybe I should watch it?

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Sorry I am no individual that run behind the large mass , but a person with an own insight and responsibilities.

So i have to say: No, Iam not a browncoats



..... :shock: Get him lads! He's expressed indepentant thought!

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