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what was your first linux distro?


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1. Mandrake 8.2 was my first

2. Tried Redhat Fedora 6 Didnt like either one

so i went back to Windoze, till I got fed up with their customer service

Got ubuntu, and been with them ever since as my main OS, but also use Back Track 3, and Knoppix

Oh and lil side note, my very 1st computer was a Commodore 64 :)

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omg! i remember winmodems... thats why i couldnt get mandrake on the net. but wasnt it the first distro with graphical install?

I do beleive it was the first one, yes

And Zraith My fist Linux attempt was Slackware. It took me 2 weeks to figure out how to boot the cd on an old 486. once I finally figured out sbootmgr and burned through a case of flippies, I couldn't have been happier. Now, with Ubuntu and KDE on all our university boxes, I am missing the simple Fluxbox. All in all, it was a bitch to add programs to the system until you got the hang of it. Even then, hardware support at the time sucked, so I ran VESA graphics and through the 10 mb ethernet nic.

You can still put Fluxbox on it

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1st Suse 7 for about a day. wouldn't display anything (booted straight to xwindows with no support for video card... i was too much of a n00b to make it boot to commandline.

2nd Red hat 7 for about a month.

3rd Slackware since v8 (all hail BDFL Volkerding)

I probably couldn't name the number of distros i've used over the years looking for the next best thing but in the end i always went back to slack.

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