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  1. But first I need to know if it will be compatible to get jasager running on it. Here is what I know so far: SMC Barricade 54Mbps g SMCWBR14-G2 SDRAM: IS42S16400B-7TL 64MB Switch: IP175C LF Arcayden wg4005g-lf-17 us Board type: 141400520017j
  2. I have a stockpile of old arris telephony modems. IS there any kind of hack for these modems. Possibly turning into wireless router or something. Any thing I could use for them besides their intended use. Thanks
  3. That sad for us they fixed it. To bad you didnt get recognized for pointing out their security flaw, lol UNASOTA I looked at the link, but again, it wont help me. That just shows it to be anonymous. I need it to show a certain specific number that the SMS is coming from.
  4. K33BZ

    Acer Atom ?

    You could also use a device I use constantly. I do not remember the name of the device, I had bought it on tigerdirect years ago. What it does is make any IDE/SATA peripheral become an external device VIA USB. Supports like said both IDE and SATA. CD/DVD drives, HDD, HDD that go into laptops, ZIP Drives, etc. I have used the hell out of mine since I had bought it. It is made by Vantec. HERE
  5. Ya, I heard about that service, good service to use, however that does not help me in my situation. I need it to display that it is coming from someone they know, but that person is not the one sending it. :) Sort of black hatish :|
  6. I am about to go check out that service now. The other one you are referring to is gmail @okiwan. However in my app it wont work. I have a specific number I want to make look like SMS message came from. Thanks @Infiltrator, however, same problem as noted above, I have a specific number I want to look like SMS came from. Example: Target phone receiving SMS:210-555-5555 Number to display in SMS as sender:210-222-2222 Actual phone number (or IP) SMS coming from:192.1681.1.1
  7. Does anyone know where I can go to do free SMS spoofing where I also do not need to register? Only thing I have found so far in google is sites that you have to register and or pay.
  8. In general is what I am referring to. Not to much on the computers with touch screens except working at different places that have a touchscreen interface, like POS. But yes even with phones, or even just a touchpad that is common on most laptops. These tend to fail after excessive use, (which in my case is what it would come down to). Touchscreens on phones and computers including touchpads. Not saying that keyboards and mice dont break down after excessive use, but to me they tend to last longer than any touch type system.
  9. Its cool, but not something I would want. Dont really like touch screens, they seem to fail more often than a reg keyboard or an actual mouse does.
  10. I do beleive it was the first one, yes And Zraith My fist Linux attempt was Slackware. It took me 2 weeks to figure out how to boot the cd on an old 486. once I finally figured out sbootmgr and burned through a case of flippies, I couldn't have been happier. Now, with Ubuntu and KDE on all our university boxes, I am missing the simple Fluxbox. All in all, it was a bitch to add programs to the system until you got the hang of it. Even then, hardware support at the time sucked, so I ran VESA graphics and through the 10 mb ethernet nic. You can still put Fluxbox on it
  11. 1. Mandrake 8.2 was my first 2. Tried Redhat Fedora 6 Didnt like either one so i went back to Windoze, till I got fed up with their customer service Got ubuntu, and been with them ever since as my main OS, but also use Back Track 3, and Knoppix Oh and lil side note, my very 1st computer was a Commodore 64 :)
  12. K33BZ


    mmmm, for some reason it is not letting me add irc.hak5.org as a network. nvm, I wasnt pushing "enter" I got it now, thanks
  13. Was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? I have alot of tutorial sites booked marked on how to learn to program, but I dont no what tools I will need to start learning how to program. Wanted to learn c++, I run Linux (Ubuntu 8.10). Can anyone please help me out with this. Thanks. edit: got it all now from the IRC, thanks
  14. K33BZ


    As I said in the topic description, I am using XCHAT (for Linux) and I dont see MINTIRC? How do I go about connecting?
  15. Server, File Storage, Firewall, or you can just use it as spare parts, I saw somewhere (dont remember where) a guy had used his old HDD to store movies on and hook them up to his TV and watch the movies. I need to remember where I saw that. Need to do that soon. :)
  16. I believe an easier way of doing this is by gluing all the pages together along with the back cover, leave the front cover open so it dotn get glued down as well. Then cut out your hollow area.
  17. trying to make the complete collection, I have ALL other episodes, even them crazy half episodes that were in season 1. I thought episode 3x10 was on the water damage that was 5 mins long.
  18. I got all episodes, except the last 3 of season 4, which I am downloading now, and I got episode 3x08 in my torrents downloading now, All I need is the last show of season 3 3x11. Cant find it anywhere. didnt know rev3 was hosting the old episodes, i willl go check it out now
  19. ok, Thanks didnt know it was seperate files in that one torrent. The season 3 torrent on Pirate bay doesnt have episode 3x11 however. Any one know where I can get that one?
  20. ok, I pretty much got the whole season 3, just missing those 2 episodes, is there anywhere else where I can get those 2 episodes individually
  21. I have most of the episodes, however I am still missing episodes 3x08 and episode 3x11. I know they used to be on this site, but I cant find them no more. Looked on youtube.com, however they are not there either. Does anyone know where I can get those 2 episodes?
  22. Hey guys Im K33BZ, or you can just call me Keebler Favourite game: Morrowind Favourite OS: Mandrake 8.2 Favourite console: PS2 Nationality: American (sad but true) Accent: Southern (well i am from Texas) Sex: Male Age:27 Race: Latin/White Height: 5'5" Status: Single Build: Avg Favourite band: Aventura Favourite book: Art of Deception Favourite author: Dont really have one Favourite movie: Pirates Favourite director: Never pay attention Favourite TV Show: Stargate Favourite actor: Joe Pesci Favourite actress: Michelle Rodriguez Favourite Pinup: mmmm, woudlnt you liek to know Favourite Comedian: Eddie Murphy (when he was younger) Other hobbies: HTML, games, being online, cooking Car: Lost my ride, it was a 94' Mercury, but always wanted a 67 chevy chevelle ss Occupation: Currently lookin for work
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