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  1. Im Hushed, or Nick. Either one is good. I like computers. I can program, though not very well. I do my light scripting, and problem solving in Python, and my heavier applications in C++. I want to move to C# though. I used to be unintelligent with Hardware, but Ive learned a few lessons from dealing with it alot in the past few months. I use Ubuntu Linux, and Windows Vista. My favorite OS is Damn Small Linux. I am semi-proficient using the terminal. I have owned various websites in the past, all of which you have never heard of: ThinkHab, MyishiCorp, PoorRandy, TechFlavored, and TheHushed. To this day only one has survived, and that is TheHushed, which is a personal blog/wesite for myself. I think I am a decent web designer, both code, and graphics wise. I listen to rock, jazz, pop, and lots of other stuff. I love Ben Folds, and Jamiroquai. Thats me in a nutshell.
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