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what was your first linux distro?


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as the topic title says. what was the first linux distro you had any experience with?

personally mine was hal91 http://chris.silmor.de/hal91/

its cause i was a kid(prolly 12 or so. maybe a bit older) and i was impatient so i wanted something i could download and use immediately. and the fact i didnt have my own system to work with was also a huge factor. so i picked a linux distro so small that it fit on a floppy disk. couldnt do much with it since i only knew batch up to that point. but after getting used to it i did have fun with it at school lol

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I tried Sorcerer Linux (the pre-Gentoo) and some other weird distros like that, but my first real (and successful) Linux desktop installation was Mandrake.

Enjoyed Mandrake for quite a while, before moving to Slackware, thinking I was pro *sigh*.

Got tired of compiling every damn program from scratch, so I decided to give Ubuntu a try in 2005. Worked great, stuck with it since =]

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fedora and i didnt know anything about linux so i switched back to windows lol but im downloading fedora 10 as we speak :) oh and ubuntustudio and mint :D

ubuntu studio FTMFW!!!!

my first linux experience: hal91

my first real linux use: knoppix live cd

my first linux install: ubuntu studio which is also my main os now

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Not true Linux, I'm counting it since it was an open-source project at the time...BeOS!!!

Hmmm..... Redhat 7.1.... oh wait no I installed Slackware before that... and I think my first experience with open source OS was Free BSD, when I was working for an ISP at the age of 14.

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a old version of ubuntu back around late 2004, used it for a day or 2 then got frustrated with how much command line work it took to do simple things that I was used to doing with a few clicks in windows so I stuck with windows, and after a while I just used ubuntu live cds once in a while to run apps required a linux os

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Archlinux. Talk about diving in headfirst. >_<

i know how you feel, i used SuSE at the age of 13 or so, then stopped for while, then ubuntu and fedora, i love ubuntu, fedora ive been ehh about i wanna try arch, but im not good at partitioning so i rely on WUBI

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