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  1. Does anyone have a server/stream/user/pass? Or is hak5radio dead and buried.
  2. So if a fon is illegal then why are we teaching people how to make one?
  3. If I had wanted to be flamed, I would have asked "How do you hack ...?"
  4. So I know that password stealing and all that stuff is illegal, but what are some legal, but mean things that you could do to people. I'm thinking a fon and kittenwars could be nice, but what else could you do?
  5. Yep. I'm on damage control now.
  6. http://www.arbornet.org/free_shell_accounts.php This perhaps? Edit: Actually that wouldn't work b/c they don't offer outgoing connections.
  7. How can that be a linux program, it is a exe.
  8. Ok, a friend of mine made a damn vulnerable wiki. He told me to "go for it" and to type a shell command in the search box. I put in rm -r *, and it wiped out everything. Now what? I know that there is no undo for rm, but is there a way to recover the data? (I know that it is only marked as free space, not written with zeros)
  9. No clue. But it is quick and easy. And knowing that a good deal of passwords are "password", I doubt many people will set the master one.
  10. I would try and figure out where the packets are coming from and then block them. Also, being good sport helps too.
  11. Want to steal passwords on firefox? Don't have a lot of time or expedience? Simply goto Preferences>Security>Saved Passwords>Show Passwords. Enjoy. You might get lucky and find something like a cpannel login.
  12. Eviltechie


    Technically it's my dads.
  13. Eviltechie


    I wanted this to find the password to my router. But I used wireshark instead.
  14. I don't know. This guy had it too. http://blog.pcode.nl/2008/12/firefox-quasi-fullscreen-bug and so do I.
  15. It came back for the third time and that didn't help.
  16. Set up windows how it will be, then install linux. It should do all the work for you.
  17. Eviltechie


    Does anyone know how to get lkl working? root@ivan-ubuntu:/home/ivan/keylogger# lkl -l -k xfree86 -o log.txt Started to log port 0x60. Keymap is xfree86. The logfile is log.txt. unable to find keymap-file: No such file or directory unable to find UPPER case keymap file, check it!
  18. Today I finally got sick of that firefox fullscreen bug, and followed the instructions on this site. http://blog.pcode.nl/2008/12/firefox-quasi-fullscreen-bug Before, I think it helped, this time, it made firefox decide to not run. I had to delete my profile along with my bookmarks, addons, and about:config changes. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening again? Thanks (I run Ubuntu)
  19. Dosen't lan school restart itself? I read something about somebody who make a python script to kill lanschool every five seconds. If it were me, I would try and block traffic from the teacher computers.
  20. Urban terror or Enemy Territory. Preferably Urban Terror.
  21. I had no problems using the XP tables before.
  22. I want to know how to do this myself. And I'm clueless.
  23. Eviltechie

    Evil ISP

    Take a look at these two photos. Both speed tests are run by the same company. Yet one comes out faster, every time. Is this legal?
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