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  1. Hey hak5, I recently saw the esxi episodes and decided to give it a shot. I installed it onto a flashdrive and gave it a boot. Installed my favorite linux distro ubuntu and I made a samba server. I started transferring files over and noticed a major problem. My transfer speed was 2.78 megabytes per second! Thats absolutely terrible! When I was running ubuntu samba without vm I would get speeds close to 60 megabytes per second. I have 2gbs of ram, a 2.6 ghz processor and ubuntu was the only operatng system on and running. Is the free version of esxi capped in network speeds or is it a hardware issue? Thank you for any input -Luca
  2. You just need to root your phone and download wifi tether. Instead of paying that 30 bucks, you get everything for free.
  3. So if you haven't already I recommend you root your android phone. This allows access to many different apps like wifi tether. This application is like the laptop portion of jaseger. It allows your android phone to become a mobile hotspot. It uses your data connection to become a wireless network. Source code here: Wifi tether source With full root on your phone you have full access to the shell. I'm not a programmer, but I was wondering if it would be possible to dump the packets onto the SD card? Also maybe have the phone become a "yes man" like the jaseger? What do you guys think? It would be an interesting project.
  4. I just came across an interesting read on Ars technica. http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news/2009/02...vice-attack.ars People are now starting to do dos attacks on players through xbox live. The article describes the people using a packet-sniffer to find your ip then flooding you with packets. The packet sniffer is most likely cain and abel or ettercap. I'm curious to know what kind of packet they use to flood their victims. Most people have a small upload bandwith and huge download bandwidth meaning you don't have much to work with. Also, I run a small linux server that handles all my connection (I'm currently trying to get a windows sever up and running) and what would be the best way to protect against this attack?
  5. I mostly play IL-2 which is a WW2 flight sim. Even though the game is old the community is still strong and the players have respect for each other. Well most do. I also enjoy the casual game of call of duty 4 on the xbox.
  6. I agree the constant charging and stopping may destroy the battery. Although it may have a built in battery inside of it that acts like a UPS keeping the current stable. At least it should with a price point of $100.
  7. Ouch man. At least give the episode a chance. The laser range finding was about building your own laser range finder using a laser and a couple of cameras to put onto the usb missile launcher. The recovering files part wasn't just about using some simple program to do it for you, it was much more complex than that. So before you post something like this maybe you should read the show notes? You can't judge a book by its cover and you can't judge an episode by its title. Also if your trying to criticize the episode (it seems like you made this thread because of the complaints for lack of quality content) then post some constructive criticism.
  8. Back track 3 has a great selection of programs that can help you out =D. You could also try LANguard Network Scanner (in backtrack 3)
  9. This reminds me of rootthisbox.net The owner took it down a while ago, but hackthissite.org looks very similar to it. Too similar in fact o.O
  10. Thanks. I'll check those links out.
  11. Hey everyone, I recently have been listening to Pronobozo and I really like the type of music. Does anyone know artists like Pronobozo that they could recommend me?
  12. I found wi-foo to be very helpful in both wireless penetration and wireless defense. wi-foo
  13. I agree. Hes a great artist. Thanks Pronobozo =D
  14. Here you go, I made it into mp3 format. http://rapidshare.com/files/177123474/hak5ringtone.mp3 The mp3 file is only 89kb
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