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  1. I agree, the correct spelling is Microshaft. Micro$oft is just how Bill and Steve spell it because that is how they see it. See when you use their products you get shafted and they get money.
  2. You can win with us and we want winners. It's just that you are playing with the closed source people and you certainly can not win with them.
  3. Try kernel 27 or 28. They are both huge updates with MASSIVE amounts of new hardware support built in.
  4. For wifi, have you tried kernel 28 or WICD? I use WICD and it works great.
  5. True, Kantian ethics are not perfect, but some of it applies and is practical. After all, my mom, and probably everyone else's too, taught us to "do undo others as you would have them do unto you' and our moms learned that from the bible. And, even though I am an atheist I don't disagree with most of the philosophical teachings of the bible and that particular one is one I will teach my son.
  6. I could not agree with you more. On every point you are 100% correct. But please understand that with the freedom of choice comes responsibility and that you are the sum of your choices so those choices say a lot about you, everything in fact. If you choose to steal your OS, you are a thief with little or no moral fiber and no self respect, Kant taught us the we should universalize every choice and understand that if it is not ok all of the time in all situations then it is not ok in the present one. Please don't steal software, music or anything else from anyone unless you believe it is ok for everyone to steal everything from everyone else all of the time in all situations, it's hypocritical and ignorant to do otherwise and don't encourage others to steal or present theft as an honest choice, it's sleazy. If you must use windows, mac os or any other commercial system please purchase a legal copy from an authorized vendor.
  7. Really? How did you get all of your family and friends off of Windows? I still get bothered constantly about fixing computers. It's good money though, one friend gave me $100.00 to run his restore CD.
  8. I apologize for flaming you before. I tend to be abrasive with people about everything so I'm not picking on you, it's my fault not yous. That's true, most users, including CS professors, and professors in general, are 12:00 flashers, believe me, I know, but just because most users are dipshits doesn't make it ok to be a dipshit, and no I'm not calling you a dipshit, I'm just saying don't defend them. Also, please don't assume that Linux users are any more enlightened than Windows or Mac users, the majority of us are dipshits too. Just like with Windows and Mac users, not all Linux users are created equally. And it is not true at all that a Linux user might better understand the difference between a desktop and a laptop and as far as I'm concerned, if you don't know whether your computer is a desktop or a laptop you have no business using anything more complex than an Etch-A-Sketch and you need a drool cup. Ubuntu, I think even more than Mac OS X is made for dipshits and I think the trend in the spin off community as a whole is a bad one. I don't think that taking a working, easy to use system like Debian and stripping out all configuration options is not user friendly, in fact I think it is the opposite. I mean, doesn't anyone realize that if we continue to cater to the lowest common denominator then the denominator will only become more common and lower. No, I don't think a wide open system like Slackware is the right answer either but users should be faced with some choices and configuration options and they should not have to shell out more money for those options. Oh, and don't think that Microsoft provides multiple versions of windows for the sake of their users, they do it for revenue streams. If a consumer goes to the market and finds the computer with all of the features they want but it comes with Vista home premium and they need some feature in Vista business or ultimate, like remote desktop, they have no choice but to buy Vista business or ultimate. If a Linux user decides they need a feature, like remote desktop, they go to the package manager and install it. Of course, that is assuming that a user has any idea what features they will want or need, which most don't.
  9. Frankly, that is just silly. Boot time was made an issue by Microsoft because windows had to be rebooted multiple times per day and businesses were losing money. If they had made an OS that could just stay on and work boot time would not be an issue. My desktop has been rebooted about 4 times in 2 years on Debian 4 for kernel updates and power outages. Same with my laptop on Debian 5.
  10. Umm, well, what are you running? What you download depends on your distro. If its Debian or any variant thereof you want the .deb. If it is a redhat variant you want the .rpm. You can always compile from source but then again you can always do a lot of painful things for no reason, like shove a pocket knife through your big toenail or hit yourself with a hammer.
  11. Yes, yes it was. Winmodems, gotta love them.
  12. <elitism> Is there anything but Debian? </elitism>
  13. <elitism> Is there anything but Debian? </elitism>
  14. Between porn and pirate bay I don't have any free time.
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