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  1. Now that the tetra was on TV maybe they'll start focusing on fixing the firmware now since more people will start to buy it like crazy
  2. Can you give us a status update it's been a month and a half since that post pretty much and no news. Thanks
  3. I love the products and I'm sure alot of them were sold so maybe it's time to hire another developer to help you out. Yea my nano is also almost useless right now as well and I have the same issues :( you guys need to hire someone to work on each project not ditch the Main one (pineapple)that got you big because the rubber ducky got shown on Mr robot. I understand you want to Switch to rubber ducky while everyone's still talking about It but with as many people who bought this you need to hire some more people.
  4. Is there going to be a new release of the firmware coming out soon? since the last update my nano has gotten gradually worse I barely even use it now and yes Ive wiped everything and reinstalled firmware all over again. You guys mentioned something big last year for nano and tetra and no news since then. Something about kali linux integration I believe. Does my nano have a warranty if I want to send it in? Thanks
  5. Thanks mubix for resurrecting the Nano!!!
  6. Theres no need for it since you connect to the nano via a web interface so it would be the same thing as an app.
  7. Any updates for Nano?? What happened to Kali Linux being able to work alongside the nano?? Also maybe someone can integrate this https://github.com/deltaxflux/fluxion into the pineapple or at least the concept so we can easily get the wifi password for any network. Thx
  8. These are the kind of modules Ive been waiting for
  9. My nano no longer installs or updates modules. The folder in /dev/root or rootfs is full so idk if that makes a difference. I want to just wipe it clean now and wipe onboard files and start all over. How do I do this? Also how do we connect to captive portals? because there is a million xfinity hotspots everywhere but it wont let me enter credentials to login to provide wifi dor wlan2. Can this be added to the networking section??
  10. USB battery pack 22,000 mah with battery life display $22 on amazon. Its not very hard to find a extra or a replacement with more juice
  11. Right now the easiest way...Connect using your phone and screenshot them so you can look back on it or copy and paste the recon scan into textedit,leafpad w/e. They need to implement a notes box on each module to save notes or reminders etc..
  12. A few places to check out.. irc.hak5.org #pineapple http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!pineapple_university.md http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!video_guides.md << Basically the whole Wiki is helpful if you have no idea what your doing. So I assume you updated the firmware on it to 1.0.5 . After you get a client connected( I dont mean the computer or phone your using to connect to the ap) go down to module manager and click "Manage Modules"and then click "Get Modules from WiFiPineapple.com and it should refresh the page and display almost 15 or so modules that are available. If your on
  13. If you click all the boxes and run the pineAP im pretty sure if they have wifi turned on but not connected still because of the beacon responses going out and coming in there phone will connect to you still even if there AP from home is 1000miles away. Unless they have it set to not save Wifi logins then it wont auto connect to your nano.
  14. Mines the same if i connect them both and start up nano I cant connect to management ap it says wrong pass but if i remove the usb wifi the pass works fine.
  15. Topic: Setting up SD card as root to install more pkgs with opkg Post: I want to install and run a beef server on the nano amd one of the dependencies is ruby and there's no room on the nano at all really and it always installs the packages in opkg in the default root folder and even if I download to the SD card it still needs to be installed to the root because that's where openwrt os files are. I've tried opkg --dest and -o which is root-offline-install but I keep getting an error in both can't find dest "/sd/opkg" or whatever folder I choose on SD card. I want to be able to install mo
  16. https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/usb.storage read that should help you out
  17. Lol definitely wasnt next to the exhaust fan on laptop. Just a random spot next to the trackpad getting hot.
  18. You can always get a custom case made for it and expose the led kinda like the custom raspberry pi cases they have
  19. Ok so it wasn't as hot as I thought I noticed I had it in a bad spot on top of the laptop and I guess where alot of heat was generating. I moved it over and cooled down. I guess if it did become an issue later on I could get a small southbridge heatsink or those ones that look like bandaids that stick on. Just for fun darren have you tried connecting 2 nanos into each other and making a dual core 800mhz!? Idk if they would run together but it would be like a mini tetra and 4 radios to do whatever you wanted.
  20. Your right the juice pack powers it perfectly! I made mine like yours def alot better and not as long and doesnt cover the vents. Ive noticed with the alfa plugged in it gets hot QUICK!
  21. I was confused to because it doesnt say your connected using wlan2 is just shows the menu to select wifi and enter password but once you check the network tab its there. Mines a little buggy Ive noticed to when I plug it into the nano and start it up sometimes the light on nano goes a really faint green(im guessing cuz of the green light inside peeking thru) and the client ap and management are up but I cant connect to them keeps asking for password when its the right one and the alfa usb dongle is lit up and led on but wlan2 isnt showing up. If I remove the usb dongle and power it on and off
  22. I dont use anything on mine I couldnt get ICS on linux or Osx 10.11.3 to work properly so I got the Alfa usb adapter. I needed one anyways to work with my mac when running Kali in VM
  23. Yes it works I tried it on an android and iphone the "FreeWifi" Ap has internet connection. So I have wlan0,wlan1,wlan2 now
  24. Here's a pic of how the alfa usb AWUS036NEH looks connected to a nano if anyone was wondering how big it was. https://imgur.com/49jBvvH
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