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  1. Could anyone explain the difference between Pine Ap and occupineapple? . I'm not familiar with these modules as this is my first pineapple. I hope there will be a tutorial section for these modules one day... I'm sure there must be loads of people who's first pineapple experience started with the Nano. Thank you
  2. Oh cool. I have a awus051nh 51 would that work? Do I connect it on the usb port on the nano? and what do I change in settings?
  3. Hi, What would be the benefit to to have a 5ghz dongle ? I'm a bit confused because I read the nano could only do 2ghz. I'm very new to the whole pineapple concept so any insight is appreciated. Thanx
  4. Why add an additional card I'm not sure I understand. When I do usb tether on my phone doesn't the connected phones have access to Internet through my 4g connection? I have an alfa awus051nh but don't see how I can use /benefit from it.
  5. Does anyone know where can we find instructions to use this module ?
  6. Hi, I noticed that the scan results disappear in the Recon section if I go on another page ie PineAP. Does anyone experience this problem? It's quite annoying as I usually scan, copy the mac adress, go to pine AP to paste the target mac. when I go back to recon to deuthenticate the target, the resluts list is empty. Is there a way around this? I have encountered this on every update, it would be nice to be able to save the results or have deauth option on the pine AP page
  7. anyone ? I'm not asking for a full tutorial just a few bullet points. Thank you
  8. Is a module needed for this ? Or can this be done with the nano as it is ?
  9. Could someone please explain their workflow as to how they would create a rogue AP with the pinapple nano and an android phone? I have two android phones and would basically like to deauth my victim phone from my home network and have it connect a fake access point. So far I have managed to scan the network, find my phone, deauth it (this works very well), but after a few seconds it connects back to the same network I disconnected it from. In Pineap I have ticked : -Allow associations -Log associations -Beacon response The source mac is the nano's Mac adress and the target is the vic
  10. What is holding up the modules on the nano, ? Are we waiting for the module developers to re code or HAK5 to allow them to ? I feel like the momentum is fading...
  11. Same here. This occurs all the time despite I click save. If i go on a different page then i return to pineAP the settings, all the boxes are unchecked. Firefox on my LG phone
  12. I was kind of excited to get the pineapple this week but I don't see the utility of it yet. I've read the forum and help section but don't understand what is the Pine AP module other than renaming a wifi connection and giving access? Though I see people connect to it what else can I do? If would be kind to inform when modules will be released.
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