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  1. Hello forum. I'm having troubles with my Pineapple Mark V. Actually there is no infusions available in the Pineapple Bar. I have checked and the pineapple has internet connection. However, in the network tag when I click on Show IP, no text is displayed. I need to install a new infusion because I'm in the middle of a wireless pentest. I know that the pineapple try to contact cloud.pineapple.com in order to get the infusion list. Is it possible that the cloud server is down and that's why is not working? Here is an screenshot: https://imgur.com/Hyi7abe And here is what it happens after clicking show in the Network tab. https://imgur.com/fQ8HgLM Again, I have performed a research and I found that in the past this already happened. Anyone has any solution? Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.
  2. I downloaded all infusions onto my machine locally from link @Kerravon provided. Im on windows machine. downloaded links. unzipped. used winSCP to SCP into Pineapple. referenced linked forum said to move files too mv /tmp/infusions/$name /pineapple/components/infusions/ directory does not exist in pineapple. so I tried copying to "/pineapple/infusions/" where it appears other infusions are located. but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I created the directory and tried to copy too "/pineapple/components/infusions/" but they do not appear in pineapple bar? I have other Infusions installed on USB so I tried copying infusions too "/usb/infusions/" no matter where I copy they never show up in pineapple bar? tried reboots inbetween. so how do you manually install infusions?
  3. I am looking for the Mark 3 Infusions does anyone have them tar'd up? I have been looking in the forums and the only ones I can find are for the Mark 4 and I am not sure if they are compatible. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hey Team, I am able to connect internet by sharing WiFi network. I was trying to installed SSLStrip etc tools but when I try to access the Pineapple Bar then there is nothing listed under "User Infusions" Even PineAP is not listed there. I have attached the screenshots for reference. Please share the solutions if anyone of you have faced the same issue
  5. just got the nano it works great i have had many pineapple but this one is the best Love The Phone app however when do we get the modules it says coming soon i cant use any of the other cool functions outside the old modules standalone ssl strip and the many cool apps just want to know when this will be updated so i can have more fun Thanks !
  6. Hi all, I just found out that the Mark IV has been decprecated, but I didn't expect that the infusions were taken offline? $remoteFile = trim(@file_get_contents("http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&moduleList")); This page simply doesn't exists and without infusions it would render the Mark IV pretty useless. Is this a temporary situation, or can I download/find the infusions manually? Thanks, Tony
  7. I have had my mark iv for over a year now and am just getting back into it. I have reflashed the firmware to 2.8.1 but I am still seeing the same issue when installing infusions. Some appear to install ok, but if I take the deauth for example, its name is missing when it shows what infusions are installed. The link to pin it to the navbar does nothing as it doesn't have a name in the first place. Does this infusion have a problem? Secondly, if i select any infusion to be remove, they are all removed. I have tried this initially using USB storage, but even if i choose internal storage i get the same results. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour? What can i do to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  8. I asked for help with the infusions menu here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/78-mark-v/ but no one answered. Can someone please help me? Here's what I've accomplished so far: - The scripts in /pineapple/components/system/bar/files did not have the execute bit set. I did a chmod +x. - Now I can manually run the downloader and installer scripts, and the infusions are installed properly. But still the Pineapple Bar:Available function does not work! It returns only the headers, no info on infusions. I can get along like this OK, but I'd really like to have the Pineapple Bar functioning. Thanks. Walt
  9. I'm starting a new topic because they one is marked as "Answered" but the answers don't work for me: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/34961-infusions-site-offline/ I have a Mark V Pineapple, and out of the box, the Infusions menu worked fine. Then I upgraded to version 2.3.0 and from then on I haven't been able to access any infusions. I can access the infusions website, and was able to download one of the infusion files manually, but apart from the file appearing in the "User Infusions" section, I don't know what to do with it. I have followed the "Unblocking" procedure more than once. After the latest attempt, I immediately went to the PineappleBar:Available. Meanwhile on my PC I captured the conversation using Wireshark. A connection was made to, and total of 30 packets went back and forth. I could see the initial SSL connection being made, then three packets of encrypted "Application data". The next packet was an "Encryption Alert" from followed by a FIN,ACK packet to break the connection. On the Pineapple interface, the Infusions headers showed up, but with no data. This PC is a fresh inatall of Windows 8, upgraded to 8.1 with all the Microsoft patches installed. Please, can anyone help? Walt
  10. I dont know if this is the right forum but I am unable to see the infusions, I have internet access, could someone verify if the repository is down? If so, is there another site where I can manually download and install them? Thanks
  11. Hello Pineapple community and thanks for the wonderful tool I got my pineapple and i am pretty new to this, i am trying to do some pen test on my firm network. So i upgraded to the latest firmware, format sd, put eth0 in client mode. all fine until there then i install ALL the infusions, but at some point it gets into a boot loop. i do not understand why. so, 1) can the pineapple support to have ALL the available infusions installed? 2) can it be the sd card formatting? (i am not able to format it via pc, only with the pinapple and the message confirms the succesfull format of the card) 3) can it be some infusions only creating the problem? (it usually occurs after ssl split, wps and notify, but i am not 100% on this) 4) are there some infusions that must be installed only on system rather than sd? thanks in advance for your time kzipp
  12. When I go into the Pineapple Bar it acts like it is loading a list of possible infusions but nothing is shown under User Infusions. I just got my Mark V today and have the firmware updated to v 2.1.1. Has anyone run into this issue before? I have verified that it does actually connect out to the internet through my Windows connection (since it downloaded and installed the new firmware) and have tried restarting it. Thanks
  13. I want to create my own infusion but can't seem to find a tutorial about how to create a simple infusion module. Even if I try to learn from existing infusion modules, it seems hard to find the source code, not all can be find in github or any other source control sites. is there any site that explain; file/directory structure special (if any) functions how to test and debug and some list of examples ? Thanks
  14. Hi all, New kid here. I'm having a problem saving infusions to SD. The Pineapple Bar doesn't seem to offer me the option like I've seen in some screenshots here in the forum. Whenever I try to install an infusion, I only get the "Install to internal storage" option in the popup. No mention of storing to SD. My firmware is 2.0.4 (flashed today). I have replaced the factory SD card with a new class 10 SD and formatted it using the "USB Info" tab on the Resources Infusion. I can verify that the /sd directory is in fact mounted on the Pineapple via SSH, and I even created a new directory in there for grins. Is there a conf file I need to edit? Any other possibilities? Thanks, harmless
  15. Hi there I am trying to find and understand infusions. I google wifipineapple.com infusions. Oh happiness, I see this page: https://wifipineapple.com/?infusions Awesome a list of infusions. No, wait. Unhappiness. There is just a list of infusions. Where is the actual code? Maybe if I go look at the forum there will be a list of infusions? Oh happiness, I see this page: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/forum/79-mark-v-infusions/ No, wait. Unhappiness. No infusion code here. ***WHERE ARE THE ACTUAL INFUSIONS???*** Seriously, Hak5 - Google can't find the wifipineapple infusions. Where can I find the infusions?
  16. I have reset my pineapple many times and have reinstalled the new 3.0.0 firmware but still am getting a very low percentage of infusions that will install at all (only one installed successfully this go around). Some that appear to install but give an error in hte tile or simply say "not installed" in the tile and cannot be installed from their main window. Most freeze on the percent installed pop up box and never get past it. I am having the SSID persistent issue with karma also. Please help! My once grand and uselful tool is now a source of extreme frustration and regret.
  17. My Mark V Pineapple doesn't recognize my USB drive as an available location to save Infusions, I have installed and formatted a SanDisk 16 GB MicroSD card in my Mark V pineapple. I also formatted a Kingston USB Stick and installed that into the USB slot. The MicroSD Card is available as a valid location to which I can install infusions to, but the USB Stick does not. Appear as a valid choice where I can install infusions to. I am hoping that someone can help me with the objectives listed below: (1) Verify that the USB Stick is recognized by the pineapple's OS post format​ (2) Determine if any additional configuration steps must be performed to make the USB Stick become a valid location to install infusions while also keeping the MicroSD working as a valid location so that I can install infusions to either the MicroSD Card or the USB Stick. The contents of the fstab config are shown below (I do not know if the fstab needs to be edited to fix the issue?) The USB is formatted in EXT4 and is appears as BUS001 Device004: ID 0930:6545 Toshiba Corp. Kingston DataTraveler under attached USB devices. The screenshot below shows how the MicroSD Card storage is an option but not the USB. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey, I am out of ideas for scripts/infusions right know . So does anyone got an idea for a script/infusion? Thanks!
  19. Hi guys, So I was using the Pineapple for a work's project the other day and realised I needed a large number of infusions for this project. I painstakingly had to go through each one installing it onto a USB then waiting for it to load. On the next update would it be possible to have a check box to install multiple infusions at once rather than having to go through each one? Just a thought :)
  20. Is there a tutorial on making infusions? Safe to say the small and large title code is basic html? I think I made a hello world one, but how do I install it? just make a folder in xx/infusions/<myinfusion> and unpack it?
  21. The Mark V Wiki is now ready! Thanks to sebkinne, craig131 and midnitesnake for helping with the wiki and suggesting some very cool plugins :) http://wiki.wifipineapple.com This thread will hopefully become a Still suggestions on guides thread, so you can ask them to be written up or if you feel up to it you can make it yourself :), and a thread for reporting spam:) Thanks, -Foxtrot
  22. Hey guys :) So a new module for the new Mark V :), an easy dipswitch modifier. Currently the one included to me seems a bit confusing. But that's probably just me... :P :D So 'Switch' will be a visualised version of the included one as an infusion, with some pretty graphics and multiline textboxes. Pics Soon -Foxtrot
  23. Hello all. I'm a newb when it comes to linux. I know a little bit. I have enabled USB mass storage with swap partition (Followed the sticky). I purchased the Elite bundle with the included 4GB thumb drive. I have the Pineapple hooked up to the wall wart, so there is no power issues. The thumb drive is formatted correctly (ext4). When I install the infusions via phials, it installs it on the usb. When I navigate to the Pineapple Bar to show them, it reports: "There are no infusions installed on this device. Records show that there are some intsalled to a USB. Please insert it to access the infusions again." So, I unplug the USB for a little bit, and plug it back in. I wait for a little bit and verify the Pineapple 'sees' the USB via SSH: root@Pineapple:/# cd usb root@Pineapple:/usb# ls infusions tmp usr root@Pineapple:/usb# cd infusions root@Pineapple:/usb/infusions# ls dnsspoof mitm nmap sslstrip infusions monitor opkgmanager status jammer networkmanager sitesurvey urlsnarf root@Pineapple:/usb/infusions# I have the latest version installed: "Firmware version: 2.8.1" When I click on the available infusions, it shows them as installed. What am I missing? I think I saw an issue with the 2 partitions. I think I saw that you want to have 1 partition w/o the swap?! What else am I missing? Thank you for the help.
  24. On my usb port I'm using usb memory stick (http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/'>made like this) I'm using usb memory for saving "infusions aka modules" Can I use this same usb memory stick for saving files in /<root>/? e.g.: http://hak5.org/hack/pineapple-phishing Begin by downloading and installing the following packages from downloads.openwrt.org: libopenssl_0.9.8i-3.2_mips.ipk, php4_4.4.7-1_mips.ipk, php4-cgi_4.4.7-1_mips.ipk and zlib_1.2.3-5_mips.ipk Copy the package files (*.ipk) to the WiFi Pineapple in /root/ using the scp command in Linux or an SCP utility in Windows like WinSCP or Plink. Only I don't have enough memory on ap121u to install all files, can I extend it with the same usb memory stick?
  25. Is there an easy way to get all the existing infusions installed via the command line ? opkg update && opkg install ?? --dest usb Regards Thermo.
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