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  1. I didn't try this yet because I was able to connect using wlan2 in client mode using the Alfa usb AWUS036NEH to a wifi connection and it gives the nano Internet connection now. Is the pine management in browser the only way to connect to wifi? I might make a script that uses wlan2 and looks for certain open hotspots like xfinity or other fast open ones and automatically Connect and if it doesn't find it keeps searching.
  2. Will check this out thanks I've had this problem since I got it and j even ordered a the alfa NEH usb adapter to add to the end of it still have to try it out
  3. The radios would be controlled manually not by the pine management ap but if it's possible to do this then the possibilities are endless
  4. If I plug a USB drive into is it going to auto mount itself and be used as storage on the nano? If it can and doesn't auto mount do I just go into the system conf file and edit that to mount it automatically? I seen it say /dev9 or whatever number mount and then unable to in the system log so idk if in doing it wrong or its not possible. The sdcard is plenty of space especially since modules aren't very big files but it would be nice to know still for running big files or I would have to look at how openwrt works but maybe like a live boot type deal on the nano for temporarily running a different Or kali command line version live boot.
  5. I was able to have the Nano Connected after changing the GW on WLAN0 to and also be able to use the internet as well and Connect to AP management site. Still no internet connection for clients connected to my AP. Heres what I see #Destination #Gateway #Genmask #Flags #metric #Ref #Iface UG 0 0 0 wlan0 U 0 0 0 enx00c0ca8d7bed U 0 0 0 wlan0 now after setting the gateway on wlan0 like you said its all good but connection still isnt shared to the main wifi . I could have my settings wrong and the bulletin on the main page that says check for news never loads. Im using kali 2.0 and I always get weird long names for ethernet and wireless adapters not just wlan1 and eth1 Also when SSH into the nano im unable to get updates keeps saying no connection or Reset by peer so I cant update opkg in order to add my USB wireless adapter to the nano because right now it wont recognize it at all.
  6. There's other services out there like this one that convert code from whatever you prefer to what you need (python) etc.. https://www.varycode.com/
  7. This is my first pineapple So I setup my nano on my laptop and I'm pretty sure it's setup correct i get no errors or anything when running wp6 in kali 2.0. I have a lan port and on board wifi card. I can't seem to stay connected to Internet through my on board card. The two AP are up but the only thing I can do is Connect to the pineapple ap and it says My card is connected to my wifi. Is the nano using my on board wifi card to use the Internet for the rogue AP for when clients Connect they have wifi?? So I said that's fine but when go to use other tools like aircrack it shows just my on board card wlan0 not the other wlan1(nano). So I want to use the nano to run aircrack and The rest of the kali Arsenal. The nano ethernet and wireless show up in iwconfig but says no wireless and also in iwconfig and I've turned them on. The pineapple nano is also meant to be used outside of the pineapple ap? Also where is the development kit api at to add modules to the pineapple interface. I know html,css,ruby,rails,JS,python(can run Cordova I believe and convert code over to python code from other LAnguages)
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