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  1. Is there going to be a new release of the firmware coming out soon? since the last update my nano has gotten gradually worse I barely even use it now and yes Ive wiped everything and reinstalled firmware all over again. You guys mentioned something big last year for nano and tetra and no news since then. Something about kali linux integration I believe. Does my nano have a warranty if I want to send it in? Thanks
  2. Thanks mubix for resurrecting the Nano!!!
  3. Any updates for Nano?? What happened to Kali Linux being able to work alongside the nano?? Also maybe someone can integrate this https://github.com/deltaxflux/fluxion into the pineapple or at least the concept so we can easily get the wifi password for any network. Thx
  4. These are the kind of modules Ive been waiting for
  5. USB battery pack 22,000 mah with battery life display $22 on amazon. Its not very hard to find a extra or a replacement with more juice
  6. https://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/usb.storage read that should help you out
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