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  1. Can you use the SDR dongle you sell at hak5shop with the nano? Or do i need to install module?
  2. i have experienced this install dependencies freeze issue at one time with all Modules that have the option. How did i get it to work? hell if i know a couple of reboots and tried it the next morning and it seemed to start letting me install them on all modules that req'd them.
  3. How would i do a recon to continually scan while i walk/drive? site_survery 0 ???
  4. Is there anyway to log the recon scans or do i have to use pineAP for warwalking?
  5. No dice on the symbolic linking, after downloading module to sdcard option there is still nothing on /usb. thanks
  6. I was wondering if it was possible to put the modules that have been released onto a usb stick and use them because i think i have a bad SD Card and I want to find out for sure. I already have the USB stick formated and mounted ready to go. Thanks mstrhelix
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