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Mr Andrewson

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C'mon it is the FPS game, nothing beats it! Prove me wrong :P

But seriously, dust2 and assault are very good, anyone else play?

Dust2 and Assault.. the most overplayed CS maps ever.  CS:S the game everyone associated with the typical online "gamerfag".  There are better FPS games out there, for example I prefer Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2.

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1.6 > Src  :-P

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I prefer the GG (GunGame) maps :P

Especialy gungame Turbo...

I love GG, I generally love any sort of fun maps or mods in CS:S or other Steam games because the normal maps are usually filled with guys playing for years, and if you are lucky you will see a cal:i pro with a 100:0 score warming up for a match.

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I had a great time playing CS (not :S) back in the day (which is relative). For me that was 2000, 2001 and CS was the hotness. After you've played those maps for the N-hundredth time it gets boring.

I will say however that for all the people that complain about CS gamer fags try playing CS at a small (8-16 players) LAN party and it'll change your mind. Asshattedness is directly proportional to anonymity.

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I quite like CS:S but i just cant get the rate right. i always get shit loads of loss and choke so i cant hit shit.  not that it matters all that much 'cos most people seem to go for the spray and pray tatic.... and it works.

I like CZ much better, i only get occasion loss and people still bother to aim.

I was more of a DOD player back when CS was teh thing. but DOD:S sucks.

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i remember when you'd drop a can when you died, and weapons were ridiculously expensive. so if someone with an AWP or some other awesome gun would get killed, you'd have a blood bath ensue just trying to get to the can! those were good days.

i think that was beta 2 or somewhere around there. either way, a really long time ago.

now i play TF2 and DoD:S (which isn't as cool as old DoD, but i like the prettier graphics :P)

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Very long ago there used to be an internet cafe close by me and my friends houses. It was back at a time where like nobody had a fast computer so you had to go to the cafe to actually be able to play CS as our computers weren't powerful enough to run it! it was v1.5! before steam ever came out!

For the first year its the funnest game ever and you love playing it, so enjoy! But after you've played it for some years it just isn't the same! don't get me wrong its still a fun game but, you just can't enjoy it like you used to be able too! anyone else feel the same way?

Well anyway recently I started playing CS Source because the better graphics looked cool. And now for some reason I cannot play 1.6 anymore!!!! the graphics just look horrible to me now since I've played CS:S!!!

so yeah :)

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Because you don't have a steam rating of 10?


congrats on your steam rating.

you must be awesome.

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