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  1. It's odd to find that so many people dunt have accents, i wonder what they sound like?
  2. Favourite game: right now... call of duty, of all time original DOS C&C Favourite OS: open suse Favourite console: master system Nationality: British Accent: slight Yorkshire (gets quite broad when drunk) Sex: Male Age:23 Race: White European Height: 2 yd (ish) Status: Single Build: athletic @ about 13st 4lb Favourite band: jimi Favourite book: the stand Favourite author: Stephen king Favourite movie: ghostbusters Favourite director: gee whiz, i don't know Favourite TV Show: Simpson's Favourite actor: Johny Depp Favourite actress: Lea Thompson Favourite Pinup: not all that interested in such things Favourite Comedian: Jimmy Carr Other hobbies: Music, walking, drug use and thats about it (damn im boring) Car: pffft yeah like i need one of those Occupation:Banker (well actually its a credit union) edit: oh yeah, my name is Tom
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