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  1. If it's a function in a DLL you can call it.
  2. Because everyone needs to scroll further down to read your post and further posts there after.
  3. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms683212(VS.85).aspx
  4. Then you know enough to get on with everyday tasks on a computer. Who cares about the rest?
  5. Did you really feel the need to quote the WHOLE source?
  6. I'm releasing a book of Metatron one-liners. I expect to make a great profit.
  7. Uses it's own License (http://www.winpcap.org/misc/copyright.htm), not the GNU Public License.
  8. OP is lame. End of the discussion.
  9. Change the character set to Multibyte, and not Unicode.
  10. To answer the original question, yes you can use RAW sockets to captures packets on SP2/SP3.
  11. There are no "top ten programs" if you're a beginner. You'll simply create small applications to learn the basics of the language. Once you know these you'll create programs.
  12. http://google.com http://msdn.com
  13. I lol'd as this post is like WoW spam, "IM GOOD AT THIS GAME, HERES HOW I DID IT". I found it funny.
  14. connect to IRC create separate thread for handling the sending of data receive data parse IRC protocol rinse and repeat It's pretty simple and generic. You just have to understand the IRC protocol.
  15. Honestly, do you really think I'm bothered about my post count on the Hak.5 forums? 77MB of memory is nothing, do you have like 128MB of RAM in your computer? Do what I do, I only use iTunes when I put music on my ipod touch, every other time I use Winamp to play music. I use iTunes because it's supported, using some other third party app may fuck up my ipod. Don't accuse me of spamming just to get my post count up.
  16. Your heads should start/end like the following: #ifndef __BLAH_HEADER__ #define __BLAH_HEADER__ // code here..... #endif This is what's called an include guard and makes sure you don't include the header more than once in the actual code when you #include "blah.h" in more than one file of your code.
  17. Half of that functionality is already build into Notepad++, have you ever used it?
  18. For C/C++/C#/ASP.NET I use Visual Studio 2008 and for most other stuff I use Notepad++.
  19. http://www.amazon.com/Reversing-Secrets-En...0293&sr=8-1
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