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    Grep - help

    Hi, I'm building my own "Sms service" I've already configured my sms gateway, So my idea is that I wanna be able to send a sms to my gateway which then runs a script that will wget a a site (Where my teachers write what homework I should do etc), now this is where my problems is, I've found out the tags around the message like this eg. <tag>Homework</tag>. Now I want grep (or awk sed etc) to sort out the variable(homework). So if i do a $> cat bla.html <tag>Do this and that</tag> Then i want to do $> cat | grep Some wildcard thingy (so it sorts out "Do this and that") Do this and that Sorry for my poor english, i'm pretty tired so i might edit it tomorrow :> I hope you got my point ;) Thanks!
  2. Guess it's time for another bump :P I have the exact same problem, so if anyone know how to downgrade it/ install Open-wrt on it... help :D
  3. Mooblar


    When i play CS or CS:S its always in surf maps :P
  4. Im just gonna agree with VaKo :P
  5. ROFL :D Best freaking comment ever <3
  6. Uhh very nice lub lub<3
  7. I have 2x Samsung sync master 22" and one 17" crappy one i use to watch telly on :P
  8. I'd agree Wine is a good app, but faar from perfect!
  9. Mooblar


    Uhm why ps3 >.<" Its so expensive :P But you gotta love the specs
  10. Uhm I think i'll go try this mod, I hate when my Mp3 dies out :U
  11. Yeh true it looks very fun, but still preeeetty high:P
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