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  1. post fixed.' I fixed it, so just dl it again... i didnt give it a new version # since it was only up for like 4 hours
  2. Woops, turns out I had forgotten to copy over the new js file over into the release directory. I tested to be sure, and it should be working now.
  3. Well, I am off at a ACM conference at Illinois. Right before I left I got my new mobo in and installed. I will be getting back, then dealing with midterms, then I will hopefully an update posted.
  4. Normally with flash 8, pandora caches the files to the TEMP directory on your computer. All PJ does is find those, rename, move, tag, etc them. This is all done locally, so everything looks normal from all places except within your computer itself.
  5. Pichet, I think I am going to release the next version when I get me dev box back up. I was going to add more, but I can do that in another release. In the version that will be immediately released, I allow the ability to define a custom TEMP path, so that should help out with your problem.
  6. All of my source is on the dev box right now. I am going to start packaging it back with the release. I didnt include it in the last couple releases because... well... I am not sure off hand, a combination of wanting to keep it lightweight and lazyness. As soon as my dev box is back in order (mobo is on its way to me as we speak) I will try to get the next one released.
  7. Yea, there are no hard links existent. Everything that Pandora's Jar grabs is from environmental variables, and only TEMP/TMP at that. If it wont work in your program files dir, its a different problem all together.
  8. I am moving away from the config file presently, so that would account for it being nearly empty. The options you were looking at were from a different release than the one that I was using as a base, so those options are not currently present. I havent had a chance to fix the broken img lookup, so that explains that in your My dev box is currently down, so I do not have access to the files; not to mention class projects are getting close to due, which explains the lack of release for a looong time. Thanks for understanding the limitations of what can be done as well. I have had a few people that are saying that I should make it more like Pandora's Jam, but they never offer to donate money or help out. This is a free tool that I am doing in the non-existent spare time of my schedule.
  9. Pandora's Jam = closed source and sold for $$ Pandora's Jar = free and done in between homework, studying, team fortress 2, and other projects... any further questions?
  10. Hey all, Sorry about the scare. Neither I nor Pandora's Jar are dead. My motherboard on my desktop took a dive, so I haven't had much of a chance to get any coding done. I will be back into it as soon as my new motherboard is in and I get a chance. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Ok, I am working on flash 9 support.... if that happens, it will be by shear luck at this point... damn flash 9. If anyone has any insight to where the data is being stored in flash 9, please let me know. I will work on definable temp dir tonight, it will be in the next release.
  12. Sounds like it is a problem with Pandora itself. Does www.pandora.com work on its own?
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