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  1. Isn't your Media Player playing on 150%? :P. Sounds weird to me.
  2. Hobbit, I use the 1003 version, should I use the 1002 version to not get that error?
  3. I get this error too, and it doesn't rip anything! :(
  4. Just run HotSpot Shield, and it works. But it doesn't work with one single FireFox window, so you can't seperate it.
  5. I keep getting MP3's with 64 kbps, has Pandora started using that? :(. Although, I don't hear the difference. Maybe it's fake?
  6. This is not working for me, I think because I already am behind a proxy (HotSpotShield).
  7. Am I misreading it, or did you just forget to put the url to your plugin?
  8. I tought that too for a while, but now I use the standalone of Pandora's Jar, and that's by far the easiest setup.
  9. Yeah, I've asked for that too, but I think it's impossible (at least it is when you use Quickmix).
  10. Could you add MSN integration? Like, that it shows what song you are playing on MSN?
  11. Pandora has changed from mp3 to m4a, there's no way to change that. I'd also like to see a manual backup button.
  12. This is not your newest pandora project, so you have more rippers?
  13. It's working great! I have only two questions. 1. Could you enable that you can select the download folder manually? [edit]If the ripper is able to get the Album name and artist name, why doesn't it fill it in the tags?[/edit] 2. The MP3 came in like this: Song name - Album name ~ Artist name Maybe you like it like that, which I can understand, but I like it like this: Artist Name - Song Name Could you please enable that too? Thanks!
  14. Hey Nebster, could you send me a copy too? My email is bjornn@gmail.com. Thanks!
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