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  1. I have a new version of this hack, completely rewritten - it using a proxy that I have developed, a sure way of capturing the music file, ID3 tags included -- works great! I will post it if there is interest. I am currently working on another hack "soundcast" - it enables you to stream music off facebook via youtube using your friends feeds. Access the facebook app via link http://apps.facebook.com/soundcast/ Enjoy!
  2. buddah333 edited - sorry i did forget a couple of steps :( 1) goto u'r start menu. 2) click run 3) a run window will come up 4) type: cmd 5) a black window should come up 6) type in: cd c:pandora 7) type in: java -jar pandora.jar 8085 8 ) open firefox 9) in the url (address) field type: http://localhost:8085 u should be up and running....... goodwillstacy / imasoldier not sure what is going on here - please send me u'r log files (pandorasJar.log) (irieb@mac.com) n we should be able to get to the bottom of this.
  3. imasoldier in the command window use this commands: 2) gets u to the path of the installation cd c:pathtotheinstalldir 3) run the app from the installation path java -jar pandora.jar 4)open firefox - use this url http://localhost buddah333 take the same steps as above but in step 3 use this instead java -jar pandora.jar 8085 step 4 use http://localhost:8085 goodwillstacy I would reboot and follow the steps above - the songs not playing sounds laike a pandora player issue - the player does tend to freeze up ever now and then - it normally comes back up quickly hope this helps......
  4. Cooper Thanks for setting up the mirror - u rock, I can't thank u enough.... If anyone has problems downloading from the main site, use these trusted mirrors provided by copper :D :D :D Trusted Alternate Download Sites :D :D :D Mirror 1: http://www.wirschell.nl/pandoras-jar-beta.3.b.zip Mirror 2: http://comicnut.speedxs.nl/pandoras-jar-beta.3.b.zip brettelder There is an option u can pass into the app to specify an alernate port number: start: java -jar pandora.jar 8085 launch client : http://localhost:8085 badrad Extreme_One is right - the application takes your system date and uses it as a paramater to add the track to last fm, make sure your system date/time is correct - last.fm may reject the request otherwise che_guevara Make sure u have javascript enabled in firefox - looks like the javascript functions are not executing in your browser. Also make sure u updated the pandoraGrabber.html file with the new swf reference: from https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_6_9_0_3.swf to https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_6_9_0_4.swf Namtaru in the pandoraGrabber.html look for this: <select name="cruiseControl"> <option value="off">off</option> <option selected value="on">on</option> </select> change it to: <select name="cruiseControl"> <option selected value="off">off</option> <option value="on">on</option> </select> hope this helps
  5. server has almost reached bandwidth max can anyone else host? cheers....
  6. 1) try closing everything down - there could be an multable instances of the app running in the background - maybe just restart u'r system - then start over this time, do not launch the app by clicking on it. 2) goto start/run type in cmd the cd to u'r pandoras jar dir 3) cd path/to/pandorasJar 4) make cure u have a &TEMP& variable - set %TEMP% - if not set TEMP = %TMP% 5) in the command window type java -jar pandora.jar this should do the trick...... PS dont worrry about this error server.server - No enum const class enums.FileType>ICO it is not a big deal - the server will just ignore the request
  7. badrad thnx for the kudos - about the last.fm - I just tried it myself and got nada - no track or error, I've been using the app for a while and have not experience the problem - i think it' something on their end - i will get and eye on it - i tried it on another app / last.fm n got the same thnx for the heads up..... edit: I just looked through the log file and found this: Unable to authenticate to last.fm: FAILED Database too busy - try later should be resolved, soon - i hope...
  8. other99 open js/pandora.js locate this line: InitializeTimer(15, "getArtistBio()"); replace the 15 to what ever u can do the same for InitializeTimer(15, "grabMp3()"); just a work around for now - will parameterize it in the next release Dude3609 what os are u running - while the app is running manually open up your %TEMP% dir and see if the access exist in the plugtmp flamesfan It depends on where u want to save u're files - I suggest u modify your default.properties file to point so some common location - that way files will always be saved to a common place.
  9. could be similar to other99 problem - make sure your %TEMP% env var is assaigned in the command window - set %TEMP% if the windows exporer does not come up. FYI currently the app only works on windows... try
  10. Dude3609 quick the app try lauching from the command window: java -jar pandora.jar the log this is normal the app is just waiting for the cache to build - let it sit for a bit and it should be happy after a couple of minutes - at most - the delay will normally be just for the 1st song let me know how it goes
  11. try this in the same command window u used to open up the application type set TEMP=%TMP% this should do the trick make sure to lauch pandoras jar from the same command window
  12. Yea - use the dos window - the command [%TEMP%] should open an explorer window in your temp dir. Confirm the dir [plugtmp-some number] exist Let me know
  13. W4RP3D Still works for me -- did you make the update to the html file? let me know - if your still having problems - is there anything in the log file? other99 Not sure - I have heard similar complaints with certain version of flash - what version are u on? also can you type %TEMP% in your run window and confirm you have a dir [plugtmp-some number]
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