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  1. I have a new version of this hack, completely rewritten - it using a proxy that I have developed, a sure way of capturing the music file, ID3 tags included -- works great! I will post it if there is interest. I am currently working on another hack "soundcast" - it enables you to stream music off facebook via youtube using your friends feeds. Access the facebook app via link http://apps.facebook.com/soundcast/ Enjoy!
  2. buddah333 edited - sorry i did forget a couple of steps :( 1) goto u'r start menu. 2) click run 3) a run window will come up 4) type: cmd 5) a black window should come up 6) type in: cd c:pandora 7) type in: java -jar pandora.jar 8085 8 ) open firefox 9) in the url (address) field type: http://localhost:8085 u should be up and running....... goodwillstacy / imasoldier not sure what is going on here - please send me u'r log files (pandorasJar.log) (irieb@mac.com) n we should be able to get to the bottom of this.
  3. imasoldier in the command window use this commands: 2) gets u to the path of the installation cd c:pathtotheinstalldir 3) run the app from the installation path java -jar pandora.jar 4)open firefox - use this url http://localhost buddah333 take the same steps as above but in step 3 use this instead java -jar pandora.jar 8085 step 4 use http://localhost:8085 goodwillstacy I would reboot and follow the steps above - the songs not playing sounds laike a pandora player issue - the player does tend to freeze up ever now and then - it normally comes back up quickly hope this helps......
  4. Cooper Thanks for setting up the mirror - u rock, I can't thank u enough.... If anyone has problems downloading from the main site, use these trusted mirrors provided by copper :D :D :D Trusted Alternate Download Sites :D :D :D Mirror 1: http://www.wirschell.nl/pandoras-jar-beta.3.b.zip Mirror 2: http://comicnut.speedxs.nl/pandoras-jar-beta.3.b.zip brettelder There is an option u can pass into the app to specify an alernate port number: start: java -jar pandora.jar 8085 launch client : http://localhost:8085 badrad Extreme_One is right - the application takes your system date and uses it as a paramater to add the track to last fm, make sure your system date/time is correct - last.fm may reject the request otherwise che_guevara Make sure u have javascript enabled in firefox - looks like the javascript functions are not executing in your browser. Also make sure u updated the pandoraGrabber.html file with the new swf reference: from https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_6_9_0_3.swf to https://www.pandora.com:443/radio/tuner_6_9_0_4.swf Namtaru in the pandoraGrabber.html look for this: <select name="cruiseControl"> <option value="off">off</option> <option selected value="on">on</option> </select> change it to: <select name="cruiseControl"> <option selected value="off">off</option> <option value="on">on</option> </select> hope this helps
  5. server has almost reached bandwidth max can anyone else host? cheers....
  6. 1) try closing everything down - there could be an multable instances of the app running in the background - maybe just restart u'r system - then start over this time, do not launch the app by clicking on it. 2) goto start/run type in cmd the cd to u'r pandoras jar dir 3) cd path/to/pandorasJar 4) make cure u have a &TEMP& variable - set %TEMP% - if not set TEMP = %TMP% 5) in the command window type java -jar pandora.jar this should do the trick...... PS dont worrry about this error server.server - No enum const class enums.FileType>ICO it is not a big deal - the server will just ignore the request
  7. badrad thnx for the kudos - about the last.fm - I just tried it myself and got nada - no track or error, I've been using the app for a while and have not experience the problem - i think it' something on their end - i will get and eye on it - i tried it on another app / last.fm n got the same thnx for the heads up..... edit: I just looked through the log file and found this: Unable to authenticate to last.fm: FAILED Database too busy - try later should be resolved, soon - i hope...
  8. other99 open js/pandora.js locate this line: InitializeTimer(15, "getArtistBio()"); replace the 15 to what ever u can do the same for InitializeTimer(15, "grabMp3()"); just a work around for now - will parameterize it in the next release Dude3609 what os are u running - while the app is running manually open up your %TEMP% dir and see if the access exist in the plugtmp flamesfan It depends on where u want to save u're files - I suggest u modify your default.properties file to point so some common location - that way files will always be saved to a common place.
  9. could be similar to other99 problem - make sure your %TEMP% env var is assaigned in the command window - set %TEMP% if the windows exporer does not come up. FYI currently the app only works on windows... try
  10. Dude3609 quick the app try lauching from the command window: java -jar pandora.jar the log this is normal the app is just waiting for the cache to build - let it sit for a bit and it should be happy after a couple of minutes - at most - the delay will normally be just for the 1st song let me know how it goes
  11. try this in the same command window u used to open up the application type set TEMP=%TMP% this should do the trick make sure to lauch pandoras jar from the same command window
  12. Yea - use the dos window - the command [%TEMP%] should open an explorer window in your temp dir. Confirm the dir [plugtmp-some number] exist Let me know
  13. W4RP3D Still works for me -- did you make the update to the html file? let me know - if your still having problems - is there anything in the log file? other99 Not sure - I have heard similar complaints with certain version of flash - what version are u on? also can you type %TEMP% in your run window and confirm you have a dir [plugtmp-some number]
  14. looks like the bands server went down from all the traffic. does anyone have an alternative location to host the file? thnx...
  15. soakedjunk sometimes the cache on the very first song played lags a little. wait about a minute and let me know -- the app should make it past this onces but songs are cached let me know
  16. Pnadora update Yea - Josh is right Pandora updated to a new version - do as he suggested and you'll be fine. Also I have a release available with the update http://www.tengbob.com/pandoras-jar-beta.3.b.zip It might be easier just to update the HTML manualy. Also in a future release I will write some logic to ping the swf and try to determine the correct version server side in case of future updates, probable a script that pings the swf and increments version numbers untill it finds one that exist - I will have to write some sort to tokenized support to inject the param server side into the HTML or do it in javascript in an onLoad function that makes an AJAX request to get the SWF location. cheers
  17. nyb141 again nyb141 thank you for your feedback, all very good suggestions. when i get a chance to do a new release, i will get all your features in - you are def a big contributer to this project - big props..... FYI A temporary workaround is to modify the pandora.js file. Set: var SONG_COUNT_BEFORE_RELOAD = 20; to a big number - it will delay the reload logic but the pandora app will time-out after a while shrimp unfurtunalty mac os is currently not supported - when i get the time i will look into it - it has been on my mind and believe it will not be too difficult to implement - i will def keep u updated.......
  18. freakyash What version of the app are your running? Make sure you have the current release: http://www.tengbob.com/pandoras-jar-beta.3.zip What version of java - in cmd [java -version] - should be 1.5.0x Looks like your getting hung up in the ID3 lookup, sometimes the lookup to cdbd times out - u can disable the feature in the new version. Try it and see if it helps Please try the above steps and if you are sill having problems send me (irieb@mac.com) your log file - padoraJar.log in your dis dir? You'll be up and running in no time.... thnx
  19. kickarse I've added a condition to wait for the access files to be buffered - sometimes if the buffer is lagging you will see the message appear several times as it's waiting for the cache to be created. This usual happens when you first launch pandora - as it has to cache 2 files..... If your are getting the message over and over after about a minute there is def something wrong - if you get a chance can you please try it again and let me know what happens -- This could pontencial be a serious bug since there is no logic to break out of the loop if there are not at least 2 access files in the tmp dir. thnx
  20. new release available for download http://www.tengbob.com/pandoras-jar-beta.3.zip nyb141, kickarse use default.properties to specify archive dir filenaming complete, easier to manage now option exist for cddb lookup now station name in comment - when available thnx for the suggestions cortechs I've added some logic around this - both the funky 500 kb SWF file on first song and the fast forwarding - I have not been able to reproduce, but then again I didn't really hammer it too hard - hopefully it will at least behave better. this one bothered me too - i think it's resolve - let me know kcmop8ntballa try a different port to start server java -jar pandora.jar 8085 to start client http://localhost:8085 also make sure u do not have 2 local instances of the app running hope this helps
  21. nyb141, kickarse very good suggestions - I especially like the one about putting the station name inside the comment. I liked the way nyb141 has listed and priortized the tasks - I will use them as a reference when I get a chance to build a new release. thnx for the feedback..... Cooper, ddkk I will put this feature on hold until a future release - I have confirmed the reload hack works -- the player did not time out after running the entire nite - I know it's ugly and it will be delt with in due time... cooper your def on to something - the trick would be calling a beacon servlet from the ui piece -- shouldn't be that bad it all....... fellas -- thnx for the suggestions jdwaters I just drag the entire mp3 dir into itune when I want them made avialable - but more recently I have created a playlist for each pandora station and drag and drop each station dir into the corresponing itunes playlist hope this helps......
  22. nyb141 I had a little down time so I decided to go for it - I've included the feaure in a new release - now available for download. Yes I have found myself using the feature - especialy when I have the player in the background - I guess it not fair to last.fm to be hitting their site and not using the content http://www.tengbob.com/pandoras-jar-beta.2.zip Also included a buffer before any execution for skipping or thumbs downing those few bad apples that come up every now and then - you'll also notice an abort button in the case you want to abort the process but still listen to the song. Fixed a bug when pausing, then playing / changing stations ddkk Yea - the reload thing is a little sketchy - I was trying to get around pandoras built in logic around an inactive player - I'm not completly convinced that the hack works - I will look into it tomorrow to confirm the message does not appear without touching the pandora player - if it doesn't I will remove the logic Any suggestions on how to get around this? thnx for the feedback.....
  23. nyb141 I def agree -- sometimes all you really want is the music - and last.fm tends to lock up every now and them - I will get it in the next release.... I should get a chance to patch it in within the next couple of days thanks for the feedback......
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