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  1. Pandorarip will sometimes rip tracks that haven't started playing yet but are 1 or two songs in the future. This has to do with how Pandora delivers their XML and cache :P
  2. That usually means something in your registry is corrupted for TCP configuration. Spyware scanners/removers and uninstallation of networking tools will sometimes muck the reg settings up. You can try http://www.snapfiles.com/get/winsockxpfix.html.
  3. Support us with money man. How about one penny for every hit on our threads? ;-)
  4. I looked at it. Not worth the effort right now to add support for it.
  5. 1 - will be part of the portable version 2 - maybe.. what does it offer? 3 - thumbs down is detected in the latest version and the tracks will not be recorded. Next version will track the thumbs down into a 'ban' list (which you can later edit). The list will support wildcards.
  6. Restart the browser or close/refresh the pandorarip player tab prior to restarting pandorarip. The first time it starts it will scan the temp ff directory and re-ingest the files. Since it is stateless, it doesn't remember that you thumbed down those tracks that are still cached in the browser cache.
  7. Look, you keep bringing this up with your smarmy comments in a thread dedicated to PandoraRip, not PandoraJAR. I would work on the PandoraJAR codebase if I cared. Unfortunately it is a cesspool with a shoddy UI, and I don't care. Plus I don't care much for Java, at all, regardless of the platform it runs on. Which is why I wrote my own in the first place. The only thing I have planned in the future is support for Fred's portable version and 64-bit OS support so we can run this on a USB key on any Win platform. And I do that because I find this marginally interesting, not because it is rocket science.
  8. Just an update - I have obtained a new laptop with 64bit vista, so I'll be testing pandorarip on this pretty soon.
  9. Nope it is instantaneous. If you are willing to release a 'USB bundle' for free then I'll make PandoraRip work on it (file paths, etc).
  10. I'm not running Vista64 and I don't think I ever will be. My next upgrade from XP will probably be Windows7. Sorry, can't help there. I have a feeling this is an issue with 32-bit promiscuous sniffing on a 64-bit driver interface. You did enable the sniffer and restart the application, correct?
  11. konfoo


    If you are serious about learning this field then you should start with http://www.schneier.com/book-applied.html . This is pretty much the industry bible for developers. Please don't make your own routines unless you are doing it purely for learning purposes. I would suggest you start with learning how e.g the DES algorithm works, and work your way up from there. There is more to be gained from learning all the various encryption mechanisms out there today and knowing what their shortcomings are and how to implement them correctly in a production system, than there is in learning the algorithms in depth. However, if you want to dive deep into the crypto field and don't care so much about implementation in e.g. applications, then do the latter. XOR obfuscation with single round single byte keys and no salt is insecure. It doesn't take much more than a simple nested for loop to brute force the cleartext. Unfortunately it doesn't stop people using it, however (some NOAA EMWIN satellite decoders use it, for example). I don't know what you intend to build, but some good off the shelf open source libs include http://libtomcrypt.com/features.html and http://www.cryptopp.com . I've built many apps using libtomcrypt. It's 'cryptanalysis', btw :)
  12. Yup. The optimal way would be to code a mini proxy server but unfortunately I'm too lazy to do that. ;)
  13. This is totally intentional. I'm not going to enable a network sniffer by default. You as a user need to make that decision and turn it on.
  14. That's intentional. In lieu of charging a fee, the application is at least going to brand itself ;). Spaces work fine (the default location is 'documents and settings' on xp..). Are you using a roaming profile on a domain?
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