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  1. Sorry to intervein but i must point out that 'TORTunnel' was broken something like at least two months ago the last time i checked this.
  2. All right. I won't miss rdio.com considering one needs to open a 7 days free trial account to try it anyway, which leaves GrooveShark as far as i'm concerned. I've stopped trying to use Pandora months ago because the TOR contraption required to access it outside USA keeps breaking off, i'll watch from time to time to see what happens with Jango, hoping their music tags are done better than at GrooveShark... I can still rip from ShoutCast and IceCast using 'StreamTastic' under Linux but i got a secondary PC where i can test 'Saver2' to follow its progression toward maturity. Keep it up, m
  3. Does 'Saver2' work with these: www.deezer.com www.grooveshark.com www.jango.com www.musicme.com
  4. Too bad but my "it" englobes much more, you goofball head!
  5. It's simple but you don't understand no matter how many times you're told, i'm afraid! 'Saver2' didn't buy you the right to act like you do. Behave! Got it now?
  6. Dear Pegasus, Dear MaxRabbit, I'm not going to join any biased ass-kissers club, not even the best sample of revisionism will make me want to change a word of what i wrote here so i strongly suggest you two clowns just leave it to the readers to decide who bullies who. That's all the feedback you're worth from where i stand and, NO, your god icon doesn't read every part! Yeah, that's true, but i'm not going to make it easy for you: read again, exercise does good...
  7. I concur!!! Get a moderator here to look where all of the none-sense strated exactly!
  8. Congrataulations, i found at least 2 lies reading only a few lines from you and now i understand why you'd like to host the forum yourself! Oh yeah, i sure do!... Well, 1) Nothing of what i've described happened before i gave 'Saver2' a try but you won't accept reality... 2) You brag around pretending you've provided help while in fact that's a plain while lie! In additionally, it's clear you didn't care to read your own answer starting from the top or you'd be forced to admit you're acting like a moron and then you'd have no other option but to appologize - which someone l
  9. Instead of going balistic with the hostility of an agressive, euh... Bird, euh... You could have waited for the next step in that screwed-up discussion of yours and i just might have told you about TOR list related warnings... But you prefer to fight, all of that because two years ago i've insisted that you'd be better to work with Linux LiveCDs in order to avoid the sort of problems which i encountered last week! As for my line breaks, it's meant to detect pricks who will act like you do.
  10. ...and yet that capture pointed at a TOR issue which the last release fixed. In other words, your 'Saver2' package WAS causing the problem, actually: that capture shown 'SProxy' being unable to talk to the TOR proxy, which also happens to be a TCP/IP application, unless i'm wrong. It's no wonder your later fix was the required cure, maybe a proper thing to do would have been to let go that two years anger which makes you hostile and counter- productive. Simply pay closer attention to what people tell you instead of playing like a peacock. Next time keep you insults for yoursel
  11. Indeed, i'm sure it describes how you feel very accurately but i would have been somewhat more forgiving!... For example: Well, congratulations for finding the correct remedy after being shown the proper capture (by me). The pleasure was all mine, i contributed in the only way possible so don't even mention it...
  12. It's no wonder my bully detector was triggered all right!
  13. Well i guess you just have some twisted way to deal with people who try to contribute! Lies, this is all getting distorted in your inflating head: you will keep building fantasies on unverified assumptions while you flatter yourself about the longevity of this thread. Why did i waste time posting a capture?!!! Everyone knows that nobody is more blind than one who doesn't wish to see. Anyway, you overlooked the potential for significant incidents and it's not my problem. Have it your way but don't ask me to fill the gaps!...
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