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  1. DO NOT USE THIS THREAD - EVER! Please go to http://ridetheclown.com/ and either use the forums or IRC. This is seriously the last time I'm looking at this thread.
  2. It's been updated at the normal link. Recommend in the future you drop by my irc as i don't watch these threads anymore (due to forums being whacked)
  3. Netflix is almost certainty a no go, they use some sort of encrypted transport i'm sure. Hulu uses RTMP, which is out of the scope of saver2 (which is designed around http), and probably this amazon prime does also. So no way to save from them, simply. There are packet sniffers which can save from hulu, iirc, but saver2 does not work like that, by design.
  4. this forum sucks cock. good thing i saved the big post. going to put up my own when school gets a little less hectic. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD - I PROBABLY WILL NOT SEE IT! INSTEAD, GET ON IRC BY CLICKING THE "LIVE HELP" BUTTON ON SPROXY, by launching IRCHelp.exe in your install folder, OR by joining #saver2 ON irc.coldfront.net ! You can also get on irc by going to this web page. Thanks, ZZJ. These forums have gone to pot. Sorry for the extremely delayed reponses, these forums have gone to shit. (and the moderation shit you apparently get now). Will set up my own at some point. Any
  5. Problem was caused by code trying to clear repeat mode while using mplayer: For some reason you are in wine hacks mode; to fix this, open the configuration, pick the proxy tab at left, then click "Advanced Settings", Find the entry named "LinuxHacks", then click it, and change the value at right from "True" to "False". Then hit OK, and yes to restart. Should fix it, and get you some features that were otherwise disabled in *linux mode :)
  6. Wow, apparently Hak5 died and ate a bunch of your guys posts - did not get notification replys until now. (nor did they show up when i checked normally...) I really gotta set up one of my own already. Sorry about the wait. Yeah, honestly, that's the only way to enable/disable plugins easily currently - there was a youtube enable/disable checkbox, but it did not work due to the plugin conf tab... so it was nixed. You could use foxyproxy (or another proxy switching plugin) for when you do/dont want to record from sites in your browser - the pandora client will continue to work anyways. Glad
  7. Update deployed. Lots of stuff here. 3/22/2011 1.4.1 build 1278 Added soft-pause and 3 band EQ to the client, as well as decreased the response time. Added easy icons to the configuration, and the saver2 tab opens by default now. Added a signficant amount of info to the log upload, to make debugging easier. This update may take a bit longer than usual if you use tortunnel; as it must too be updated. Series of tweaks and server side utilities done to massively increase the speed with which tortunnel starts up. Client: Made it easier to add hotkeys in the future. Client: New hotkeys: ran
  8. You've already asked me this; I'm not quite sure why you are asking me again, seeing as you won't get a different answer. And regarding why you were banned from irc: Left without saying anything while i was there (killed irc client, which gets my attention on connect), which has been a bannable offense for the last few months. But, let's be honest, that's only the topping on the cake. You broke the rules. Not only did you ignore my stated desire, you were so brazen as to ask me why it wasn't working on top of that - implicitly saying that you had decompiled it as well. I personally don't min
  9. Or, drop by IRC (see link in my sig) and i can give you a version which can enumerate output devices and let you pick them nice (no more editing settings).
  10. Yes; go into your appdata folder, look for pandora.conf (within a folder named pandoraclient). Search for waveoutdevno in that, and change its value as described. Save, and launch client. You get the idea.
  11. Open the configuration, proxy tab at top. Click advanced settings. Find the entry "__PandoraClient_WaveOutDevNo" (or something like that), it will be set to 0. Try setting it to 1, hitting OK, then opening the pandora client again and playing music. If 1 doesn't work, try 2, and so on.
  12. depends what you mean by saver2 - do you mean the pandora client or actually saver2. client: practically no go without a full rewrite saver2: should work if run under mono, but it would be cumbersome. probably would not work with the apps however (which are how i would assume you would want to use it). to run it natively, again, not without a full rewrite. in addition, if you were planning to use it to save from the pandora/slacker/grooveshark apps, that likely would be no go (at least without a complete paradigm change) in addition to rewrite. I've been asked this before; basically, I j
  13. Come on irc (hit the live help button at top of sproxy), will be easier to explain. Basically, whatever your proxy is, it's not available.
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