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  1. sparda you are the master. thank you for helping idiots like me
  2. could you elaborate? note the name (noob)
  3. is there any way to download an exe file in linux and have it function properly? im using sabayon x86 and fedora core 7 if anybody has helpful advice i would greatly appreciate it.
  4. i would beat the fuck out of the artist for not turning this asshole away.
  5. Yeah, thats not gonna work. You cant link us directly to local files on your pc. Only you will be able to see the image. d'oh!
  6. http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg234/mpmagoc/snapshot3.jpg[/img]
  7. file:///home/sabayonuser/Desktop/snapshot2.png[/img]
  8. Seriously if anyone has a utility that they have been looking for, leave me a post or pm me and ill see what I can do! I'm also in the hak5irc a lot. ive been looking for a object dock for linux for quite some time now, maybe throw me a road sign or have you developed one yourself?
  9. probably needs reset, just google how to reset it
  10. dude unless your really hard up on cash just buy a new computer. jeeez.
  11. avg best out there does take a little mem to run though also get mcafee site advisor
  12. My name is mark aka bald tattoo guy aka noobsofuknwhat Favourite game: ultima exodus Favourite OS: sabayon linux,ubuntu linux Favourite console: nes Nationality: scotch irish (good for drinkin & fightin) Accent: yunz talkin bat gowin daantaawn? pants enat? (ok pittsburghese) Sex: Male Age: 29 Race: white Height: 5'9 Status: dad Favourite band: puya Favourite book: dragonlance series (early weis & hickman) neuromancer (william gibson) Favourite author: see last question also william gibson Favourite movie: pastor gas Favourite TV Show: frisky dingo Favourite actor: john wayne, vincent price Favourite actress: nautica thorn ;) Favourite Pinup: betty page Other hobbies: musician Car: 2002 chevy cavalier x2 04 jeep liberty Occupation: freelance musician, sales
  13. thanks guys but i think the only way for me to do this right is to build my own :-)
  14. if your looking for a cheap laptop that runs linux check out the medison celerity its only 150.00 check the review on cnet or go to 2checkout.com
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