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  1. token linux post; As far as 64 bit support goes linux has always been one step ahead. of course if your a gamer or dependent on windows apps that would be a bad idea.
  2. You still need permission to shut down the remote computer. shutdown -i is only really useful on domain computers.
  3. they do though, why is your router on a different subnet? if your mask is that could cause issues.
  4. a root usb port usually has about 500mWs (thats milli.... not mega) of power. most cd writers use about 300mWs of power. so theoretically there is enough power, but as discussed there are voltage issues. you could wire in a transformer, if you were in an uber hack kinda mood, but that would up the power requered and i doubt the end result would be all that portable. (also high power devices are not all that good for your laptop battery life)
  5. yeah use it as a switch/wireless access point. If your really bored you could set up a second subnet, but i cant see why you'd want that. All virgin media have given me is bandwidth shaping. ;(
  6. lol, like anyone cares about or fully understands IPv6. (honestly its easier to remember mac addresses). shouldn't it filter out network addresses like: 10.x.x.x 172.16.x.x 169.168.x.x and emphasize not that I'm bored or anything.
  7. ok so i read this topic http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9051 and decided to have a little play around. I discoverd that its easy to set up a media stream that constatly broadcasts. this is not all that bandwidth intensive, about 300k (upstream) per connection. i figure i'm good for abou 5 connections. example rtsp:\\ubertom.co.uk\video it also looks like servers can be linked. (can you see where i'm going with this?) so if a few of us got together we could create a 'ip tv' network and broadcast stuff online.
  8. oh that looks like fun, although i dont think i'd be any good at it.
  9. dig up the street and cut the power (when you friend isn't looking).
  10. I can't add anything helpful. But just to warn ppl, i have installed sp3 4 times (so far) on 3 different computers. 1 failed but caused no major problems and installed fine the next time i visited windows update. 1 seamed to suceed but now windows encounters a 'serious error' twice after every boot (other then the error messages their doesn't seem to be any problem) 2 installed fine with no issues at all that makes a 50% success rate so far..... and i cant acctually figure out what changes (if any) sp3 has made.
  11. yeah, thats a good idea. unless you want more then the max connections (i think its 5) else = 2003 (even 2000 sever) i've never even seen 2008 so i cant comment on that. probably best to stick with MS on this one goto 10 10 linux fanboy flame war I really dont think linux will be perticually easy to set up as a media server, in my experence linux isn't the best at handling audio/video. network services and supported application servers and it kicks ass, but multimedia... well it wouldn't be my first choice.
  12. Yeah. 'IP AddressShareName' make sure the ip address is the vpn one. errm but why are you using vpn for a direct link
  13. I read through 3 pages of posts but i still seam to be lacking information Where and when? has this been decided yet? i think i've gone blind i can't remember any of what i just read.
  14. hmm, getting into someone elses computer is wrong. you might want to google some random phrases, as penance phrases like 'booting linux into single user mode' 'john the ripper'
  15. Leet use slack. I use opensuse (i didn't like my vaio though) You didn't say why you need Linux. personally I'd put more effort into the XP downgrade it's likely you'll have better hardware support (i'm sure there'll be drivers for all your hardware on the world wide interweb). i don't have good experience with laptops and linux, wireless support is better then it was, but its still not that good). also on a general Linux rant what is the deal with all this mount by ID crap and why am i always having to manually put all my drives in fstab. The 'easier Linux tries to be the more confused i get.
  16. Is it just me or does Linux floppy access get worse with every kernel update. It used to be fine, floppy access and read/write times were just as good as DOS or windows. but with later kernels (i've only really noticed this on 2.4 and up) its just getting really slow. If i mount a floppy it almost crashed my system (on has crashed konqueror a few times) it takes about 10 mins to write 200k of data. I know its not the drive or the motherboard cos this seams to happen on all the computers I've tried it on (but works fin using a windows OS). Am i really the only person in the world that still uses floppy's?
  17. You see when you take the first letter of each line, you get 'Donuts' and the name of M$'s switchblade is COFEE similar to Coffee a warm drink often ingested along side donuts by fat police officers or 'Pigs' who are the ones using the 'COFEE' to obtain files from criminals computers. Hence from the text above we derive 'Coffee and Donuts'. My god thats the best thing i ever read. i really did lol.. lol alot.. yes i did
  18. As an administrator of a finicial institution, i have to say i would be a lot more concerned about encryped traffic (especially a VPN) than i would about someone using a chat client. n.b for 'a lot more concerned' read 'Really pissed off' (not that i didn't do such things myself before i got this position :)) i'd stick with the SSH tunnel, it'll draw alot less attention.
  19. you'd expect rn to have that kindof functionality anyway. cant say for certain that it does, cos i've never had to do that but as a rule *nix commands are alot more flexable than equivalent DOS commands. dont even start on the spelling mistakes
  20. That made no sense to me, but i had a simerler problem when using an emulater (i couldn't aim at the hook in time using the digital pad) however the emulater i used had an option to use the mouse for the anologue (spelt wong but i'm not using firefox right now) i took a save state just before i shot the eye, switched this option on, did the thing, saved it again and switched the option off. (aiming with the mouse was neat but trying to move with it was crazy mad. http://mupen64.emulation64.com/
  21. I alternate. i'll go on an FPS binge (usually CZ), get bored go on a RTS stint (woo COH rocks) tire of that and go on an RPG.... ermmm 'bender' haha you thought i'd run out of words then(Baldurs gate, icewind dale or NWN if on a Linux bout)
  22. uber_tom


    I quite like CS:S but i just cant get the rate right. i always get shit loads of loss and choke so i cant hit shit. not that it matters all that much 'cos most people seem to go for the spray and pray tatic.... and it works. I like CZ much better, i only get occasion loss and people still bother to aim. I was more of a DOD player back when CS was teh thing. but DOD:S sucks.
  23. uber_tom


    Hell, anything that has the chavs stabbing each other up has my blessing. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england...don/7373348.stm this report seems to be lacking the best bit, the victim didn't call the police as he went home to get a knife for a little hardcore revenge action.
  24. neat, i'll give it a try when the site comes back up
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