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  1. that's what im looking for, something automated that can be used along with another program to simplify a certain task.
  2. Looking for a program that can find full branches of a submitted URL. i.e if i typed Zoo.com the desired result would be Zoo.com/shops zoo.com/shops/shirts zoo.com/shops/shirts/girls zoo.com/animals zoo.com/animals/bats zoo.com/animals/bats/naturalhabitat zoo.com/blah/blah zoo.com/blah/blah/blah And so on. Does a program like this exist?
  3. anonymous has restrictions.....Your very limited to what you can do. Now the FTP server has to have a way to differentiate other users as to give them specific privileges. THis particular ASCII file (paswd) has the encrypted passwords of the usernames. The idea would be, get the password of the highest ranked username and the site is yours. The question is, why I cant get my Passfile crackers to output a result.
  4. I of course ran them thru my Anti Virus. But i Went in thru the ftp as anonymous. So one would think its just the compiled encrypted list of Usernames and Passwords used to access the FTP w/o restrictions.
  5. no its called Killer Cracker. You can get it from http://uc.kontek.net/pi/pass_crack.html. Ive also tried the ripper and still not able to output a result from either program.
  6. Simply put. I want to stream video from my webcam 24/7. Not a Refreshed image, but seamless Video. I was hoping some of you may know of a free and quick way to get it up and running. Ive tried the DCAM Server App (the only app i could find) But to no avail.
  7. He sleeps with my sister, I cut his tires. I throw a bucket of paint in his room, he Saranwraps me to my bed while im sleeping He puts pepperrs on my sandwich, I spit lemon juice in his eye. its just a neverending circle of misfortune.
  8. Yah, he knew my Email address password, and did a decent bit of damage around a few sites. Its all in good fun, We are quite good friends. I guess we just find pleasure in each others discomfort
  9. Is there somewhere on the net where you can mass sign up for spam/porn/newsletters??
  10. Ive looked all over google and i cant find a decent free host for my podcast. Does anyone know of one or is anyone currently podcasting that could give me some insight
  11. What free website provider is best for a person that knows little about HTML coding but at the same time wants some sort of a professional look?
  12. I was looking at the webpage... http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/ and was just wondering How much of the tables is on the Iso Img itself. And if it was nessisary to download ither of the SSTIC04 table sets. If so how would i go about placing them on the disc w/ the ISO itself.
  13. Why does one automatically assume that since i play WOW that i have no life? I personally suggest that you not critique the way i spend my free time..
  14. ummm..yeaaaaaaaa, i totaly dont live in the US. So ite'd be cool if i could get a site where i could find some sort of crack to help me out.^^
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