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  1. My name is Derek aka DarkSenay Favourite game: Currently, TF2 Favourite OS: UNIX Favourite console: Modded Xbox Nationality: American Accent: American Midwestern Sex: Male Age:23 Race: Caucasian Height: 6 foot Status: Dynamic Build: Not Fat and Not Skinny Favourite band: Muse, Foo Fighters Favourite book: Fahrenheit 451 Favourite author: none Favourite movie: Back to the Future Favourite director: meh Favourite TV Show: Lost, Heroes, 24, the list goes on Favourite actor: Christian Bale Favourite actress: no idea Favourite Pinup: Jessica (Insert hot jessica last name here) Favourite Comedian: Dave Chappelle Other hobbies: Avid Outdoorsman Car: 1994 Oldsmobile Achieva Occupation: IT Auditor
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