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  1. I do notice that Matt seems to have a drugged look. come to think of it Paul usually does too. Wait a second all the cast does! OH NOES! Or perhaps it's sleep deprivation?
  2. Wow at midnight! Now that's service you can rely on! lol! In the drawings, which are incredibly realistic, both Matt looks like he's looking at Darren jealously, who's looking as Snubs. And Paul look oblivious.
  3. Tomorrow is only 10 hours away EST. So who knows when they'll put up the Hak5 section at Rev3. But I'm very excited! ACK! Is that EVIL SERVER! Great job guys! Anymore pics of the shoots?
  4. Currently kicking ass in CS:S
  5. Well, probably both, right? :) Oh, and have you seen Untangle? http://www.untangle.com/ - Perhaps something on this too?
  6. cubenvy

    quake live

    We'll see if I get in... here's hoping!
  7. I'm also looking forward to it. That and Starcraft 2 will be my buys when they come out.
  8. cubenvy


    I usually play on Dust2, Dust, Crackhouse (fmk or ck servers), Office (sometimes on boss-gamers)... Every once in a while I'll do a gun game or aim https://steamcommunity.com/id/kickarse
  9. What about the exploit of IE giving out creds to any site that asks and caching those? Or DNS exploits through spoofing?
  10. Wow that's really a couple great posts Darren and Matt. It's nice to see you guys in the forums to help us understand what's going on. Especially those of us who've been here since s01e01... pre-alpha ;) I think that the show will continually evolve into whatever route you guys want it to. I'm sure that there will be those that won't like certain things. But that's NOT why you guys started the show. It wasn't to make OTHER people happy but it was for yourselves and the love of technology. And I do understand a certain level of wanting to make the watchers happy and interested. What you guy
  11. That's great news! Well, will you be doing an episode on CC RFID hacking ;)
  12. I bet you get those ID10T errors all the time when your playing with my moms 'puter. Wait, don't tell me it's YOUR computer you built from scratch! Still getting those errors, huh? Seriously, though, a lot of your posts in the past year have been needlessly arrogant and rude. I know, I know, your still a teenager and you think that your cool because you hang out in "l337 h4ck3r" forums and do semi-cool shit with USB keys. At some point you may actually be able to put this knowledge to use in a good way. But, being good at hacking doesn't give you the right to be obnoxious. Eventually you
  13. Microsoft was Google about 15 years ago... Google will end up like MS eventually, just in it for the money.
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