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Favorite game: WOW, Gears of War, KOTOR II

Favorite console: I have all!

Nationality: Hungarian

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5'11"

Status: Married

Build: Medium Muscular Build...

Favorite band: Diverse, but I cant stand Country!

Favorite book:

Favorite author: Tom Clancy, Stephen King

Favorite movie: Office Space, Hackers, War Games, and Sneakers

Favorite director: Kevin Smith

Favorite TV Show: Mythbusters, Men in White, Lots of DSC shows

Favorite actor:

Favorite Comedian: Carlos Mencia

Other hobbies: Gaming, Music, Reading, Podcasts, Art & Design

Car: No Car...JEEP!

Occupation: Im in Afghanistan...you figure it out LOL! 8)

they've got internet in Afghanistan?!


seriously man.... what's that suppose to mean "I am in Afghanistan... you figure it out"... you looking for Ben Laden or what?

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they've got internet in Afghanistan?!

They asked Pakistan where Osama Bin Ladin was and got told to "Just fucking google it!"?

dude what's your problem?....

Have you heard of something called "irony"? that's what it was, not a stupid question... dang!

and watch out for your language bro!!!

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Well let me get this topic back on topic :lol:

Name: Gerard de V, aka DeGrijze

Favorite game: Iam not a gamer.

Favorite OS: NA

Favorite console: None

Nationality: Dutch

Accent: Amsterdams (Dutch slang)

Sex: Male

Birth date: 29-06-1959

Marital Status: Married (for 20 years all ready whit the same wife)

Build: Tall (2 meter and 6 centimeter) and robust build

Favorite band: Golden earing (Dutch rock band had a the world wide hit with "Radar Love") and ZZtop

Favorite book: Computers by Christian Wurster

Favorite author: None.

Favorite movie: Its a mad, mad, mad world

Favorite TV Show: the News

Hobbies: Got beside my own 6 (foster) kids in the house, so don't really have the time for any hobby's :lol: oke for real I founded / started 3 years a go a Wireless free internet acces communitie in my village and almost all the spare time that i have i put in this Wireless free internet acces network to keep it up and running.

Car: My wife owns a Renaul Espacet, I don't have a license any more (night blindness).

Occupation: Where always a self-employed person with 3 computer shops . Sold all becouse of hart problems. So now i just take it easy.



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dude what's your problem?....

Have you heard of something called "irony"? that's what it was, not a stupid question... dang!


and watch out for your language bro!!!

Thanks to a great deal that Anne from the Red Cross worked out with my accountants, every time I swear another African orphan gets a years supply of malaria medicine...

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Hi :)

I couldn't resist a thread for new people--seeing as I'm new here, and all~ Long introductions give me the heebie jeebies, so I'll keep it short.

I'm a geek, have been since I was old enough to fiddle with things. I'm currently in college studying engineering, CE to be specific. When nongeeks ask me what that means, I have to tell them I just "make lights blink."

I recently stumbled onto Hak.5 in a thread of pursuit that also turned up gems like DL.TV. I've been picking through the past episodes that seem most interesting and have enjoyed most of what I've seen, kudos for that.

This seems long enough! Cheers~

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Name: Ahmed Mohamed Youssef

Age : 20

Position : Computer Science Student, Ciro University

Nationality : Egyptian

Location : Cairo, Egypt

Sex : MALE

Race : Normally Middle Eastian

Height : 176 cm

Status : Single (never thinkin of marrige b4 9 yrs)

Car : Skoda Octavia A5

Favorite Band : Evanescence

Favorite Book : Hackers Black Book

Favorite TV Show : Friends

Favorite Cities: Barcelona

Hobbies : Squash, Swimming,Travelling Abroad, Computer Hacking

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My name is Rob a.k.a mubix

Favourite game at the moment: BF2

Favourite OS: Gentoo

Favourite console: XBMC

Nationality: American

Accent: English

Sex: Male


Race: White European

Height: 6â€5’

Status: Married

Build: Tall - Medium build

Favourite band: The Pixies

Favourite book: The Wizard's First Rule

Favourite author: Terry Goodkind

Favourite movie: Dead Poets Society

Favourite director: Kevin Smith

Favourite TV Show: 24

Favourite actor: Robin Williams

Favourite actress: Mira Sorvino

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Robin Williams

Other hobbies: Raising/playing with my son, running Hak.5 Radio, playing video games.

Car:2005 Carolla, 2000 Ford Focus (I hate fords but you can't beat free)

Occupation: CERT

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Hey my name is Daniel Ricardo, a.k.a IDF_Hacker

Favorite Games: Baldur's Gate 2, Half Life, UT99

Favorite OS: Ubuntu

Favorite Console: PS2 (Just because I only played on that and the PS)

Nationality: Israel

Accent: People say I have a strange accent, but it resembles american the most

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Height: 183 cm

Favorite bands: Dream Theater, Symphony x

Favorite book(s): The Song of Ice and Fire Saga

Favorite authors: George RR Martin, Robbin Hob, Orson Scott Card

Favorite movie: Saw

Favorite director: George Lucas

Favorite TV shows: BSG, Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis), Heroes

Favorite actor: Edward Norton

Favorite actress: Nicole Kidman

Favorite comedian: Eddie Murphy

Other hobbies: SciFi, Prog Metal, Guitars, Music Composition, Wall Climbing, Scuba Diving, Martial Arts, Elctronics

Occupation: Currently nothing, soon joining the Israeli Defense Forces

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Hey my name is Philip, a.k.a BorisTSR, Boris The Sneaky Russian

Favorite Games: Max Payne, Max Payne 2, Call Of Duty 2, UT2004

Favorite OS: depends on my needs.

Favorite Console: Wii

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Australian (i am told)

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Height: 180ish cm

Favorite bands: varies greatly

Favorite book(s): iWoz, Band Of Brothers

Favorite authors: *shrugs*

Favorite movie: too many to list, some would be hackers, v for vendetta, the recruit.

Favorite director: *shrugs*

Favorite TV shows: Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis), Jericho

Favorite actor: Bruce Campbell

Favorite actress: Rachel Weisz?

Favorite comedian: Eddie Murphy

Other hobbies: SciFi, Programming, archery.

Occupation: currently studying and working on some software for sale in january. Hope to be a professional game programmer, (or another reasonably interesting topic in programming)

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Occupation: Im in Afghanistan...you figure it out LOL! 8)

Corner shop owner?

LOL, too cool...No I have a Terrorist Hunter Permit...(Military)

explains the nickname XD , nice

what weapons do u guys use ?

if multiple what's your favourite one ?

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Here's some stuff on me ;)

My name is Emil Lassen

Favourite game: I don't play really play games at the moment, i wanna buy a console caous my computer sucks at playing games.

Favourite OS: Windows Xp Sp2 "I need more time on Linux ;)"

Favourite console: Wii

Nationality: Danish

Accent: Well i don't have any accent when i talk Danish but when i talk English i sound Scottish.

Sex: Male

Age: 15

Race: White Danish Guy

Height: 6"1' "182cm+"

Status: Single

Build: Trainede

Other hobbies: Computer stuff, Working out in the gym, and well just a lot of small ones, hacking and slashing electronics up and looking inside of them.

Occupation: High School, next year TEC Gymnasium "after that I am going to study to be a Civil Engineer".

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Hey - hows it going - Name's Mike - work as a 'software developer'. Lurve the show, and learning loads about computing and stuff - real computing - not this Microsoft weirdness - lets see more of it!



I seem to be getting it wrong here - when I try and post a new message it pops it into the forum rather than this thread. The only way I could do it was to post a reply. I need to look at the instructions - damnit - where is the forum manual when you need one!!!

catch ya later

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damnit - i woke up this morning and I have just turned into a total noob - in my previous post I thought it might quote previous topic cos when you type it up there is the last post at the bottom of the forum - and I thought it might quote it. I feel like such a windows 3.1 user.... don't worry i'm sure i'll get better. I could try and justify it by saying that I did drink a load of falling down water last night - but that's no excuse.

Anyway - Sunday lunch time - time or a traditional English SUnday Lunch - Pizza and coke - and of course - streaming Hak.5 goodness


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