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My name is Benjamin aka Ajeno.

Favourite game: chess, or possibly halo.

Favourite OS: Ubuntu for daily tasks, OSX for audio recording.

Favourite console: I like my NES.

Nationality: US.

Accent: Non-regional dialect

Sex: Male.

Birth date: 06. 13. 85

Race: Caucasian.

Religion: Pastafarian (go FSM!).

Height: 5'8".

Status: Single-ish.

Build: like 15 lbs overweiht

Favourite band: Fuel, NIN, Our Lady Peace

Favourite Book: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.

Favourite author: Robert Greene.

Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Hackers.

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: Scrubs, Entourage

Favourite actor: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton.

Favourite actress: Scarlett Johansson.

Favourite Pinup: Quinne Suicide.

Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook

Other hobbies: Disc Golf, Tattoos, Enamel Based Art,

Car: currently a 1989 Buick Riviera

Occupation: I sit in an office on a computer, and watch cars in a parking garage.

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Matt or sl4ck3r or Ninja Llama in CS

Favourite game: CS:S, CS, DAoC

Favourite OS: n/a

Favourite console: ps2 probably not much for consoles

Nationality: American

Accent: American English/West Coast

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Status: Involved. 

Build: Stubby/Muscular

Favourite band: Eve 6, My Chemical Romance, Lifehouse, etc

Favourite book: been to busy to read recently so none as of late

Favourite author: n/a

Favourite movie: Depends on what genre i feel like enjoying. From Office Space to Gladiator.

Favourite director: n/a

Favourite TV Show: To Catch A Predator

Favourite actor: Darren

Favourite actress: Kate Beckinsale

Favourite Pinup: Kate Beckinsale in latex

Favourite Comedian: Carlos Mencia

Other hobbies: Computers, Programming, Video Games, Wireless, Security, Cars, Motorcycles, Guns/Shooting sports

Car: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

Occupation: Student/Inbetween jobs

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yo guys, I'm Dijit (as you can see by my name :P)

anyway. . .  I used to be quite avid about computers, but due to a lack of internet connection that was very much destroyed  :-( however I'm here now

I started watching this series on Veoh networks. . .  at first I thought "here's some little n00bs attempt to make themselves famous!" but I must say I was wrong

So I'm here, mainly to sponge off your 1337-ness but also here to help ;)

Favourite game: F.E.A.R. | I'm a sucker For MMoRPG's

Favourite OS: Meh XP (althoulgh I'll be ridiculed for it... I like it)

Favourite console: ps2, Xbox (too poor to buy anything up to date)

Nationality: British

Accent: English

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Status: Single

Build: Average Height/Muscular (I guess)

Favourite band: Dunno DANCE music

Favourite book: Rage of Angels

Favourite author: Sidney Sheldon

Favourite movie: Meh I like all films... Especially SHREK! :P

Favourite director: n/a

Favourite TV Show: To Catch A Predator

Favourite actor: Adam Sandler

Favourite actress: anyone who's HOT

Favourite Pinup: AMD AthlonFX 5200+ (I just like it is all)

Favourite Comedian: Dane cook

Other hobbies: Computers, Programming, Video Games, Wireless, Security, Kickboxing, Boxing , (any martial arts really)

Car: An Active Bicycle (c'mon I'm a student!)

Occupation: College Student

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Hi I'm Arthur, but my friends call me Smiley :cool:

Favourite game(s): Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, StarCraft, Phantom Crash

Favourite OS: Windows XP Professional

Favourite console: Xbox 1

Nationality: Polish/Brazilian/American

Accent: im told i sound European but not many really specify other than "you have a funny accent"

Sex: Male


Race: White/Latino

Height: 5'9-5'10

Status: single

Build: thin

Favourite band: System of a Down

Favourite book: The Brother's War by Jeff Grubb

Favourite author: Jeff Grubb/Scott McGough

Favourite movie: Disturbia

Favourite TV Show: Futurama

Favourite actor: Nicolas Cage

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Denis Leary

Interests: Paintball, gaming, sharpshooting, sleeping, reading, music, computing, girls, arguing, winning, coffee/Monsters/Coke(really anything that has caffiene in it)

Occupation: Gamer

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Like a few others, I've been lurking around for a while.

Favorite game(s): Mario, Battlefield 2, UT2k3 and 2k4

Favorite OS: I'm pretty OS neutral, but if I had to pick I'd say OSX for desktop use and Debian for servers.

Favorite console: Not a huge console gamer.

Nationality: Australiam

Accent: Australian

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Race: Aussie

Height: Around 6"

Status: Single

Favorite band: I've got a few, U2 would be one of them

Favorite author: Bryce Courtney

Favorite movies: Star Wars and a few others

Favorite TV Shows: I don't watch a lot of TV

Favorite actor: Tom Hanks

Favorite actress: Unsure

Favorite Pinup: Don't have one

Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams

Other hobbies: Playing music (keys, guitar), Photography, Audio Engineering, Video Production

Car: I don't drive.

Occupation: Student

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Hi am new ( at least here) :P

Favorite Games: Great gina sisters, Lotus Esprit Turbo Se,  Wing comander 1. . . .  Help im outdated

Favorite Console: i only had a megadrive for a month and sold it again. . .

Nationality: German

Accent: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sex: enough

Age: old and wise?

Race: every weekend :P

Height: umm im sitting all the time

Status: idile

Favorite Band: Amiga 500 Loading sound (rrrrt rttt tik tik tik rrrrrt rrrrt)

Favorite Author: Douglas Coupland

Favorite Movie: Leon The professional

Favorite Tv Show: hak5 ih podcasts count :>

favorite Actor: uhm . . . no

favorite actress: definitly not

favorite pinup: magnet %/

Favorite comedian: michael mittermayer

other hobbys: Mountainbiking, snowboarding soaring. . . . . . .

car: why?

occupation: computer all pruppose weapon

besides that: ive recently watched the eppisode with the studio walktrouh and wondered if someone could write a app that pipes the skype audio not only to the headset but also to a virtual audio device for using it with any streaming software like oddcase or shoutcast.

Alos i wanted to know why you guys are using a analog mixer and not some software solution (e. g.  a pc with multiple video ins and multiple monitors) it would make the picture less blurry.


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Hey everyone I am Myren and I am  new to the forum community! I am a big member of the Pure Pwnage community, moderator of their forums, etc. .

Favourite game: Of all time? Maybe Metal Gear Solid

Favourite OS: XP

Favourite console: PS2-Genesis-Dreamcast

Nationality: USA

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'

Status: Randomness


Favourite band: Rush, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Boston - Its those 4

Favourite book: Catch-22

Favourite author: Stanley Kuburick

Favourite movie: Its too hard to answer this

Favourite director: Sam Raimi

Favourite TV Show: heroes, House, Jericho, The Office (American, getting around to the BBC one), Scrubs

Favourite actor: Edward Norton

Favourite actress: Natalie Portman

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Jarett Cale

Other hobbies: Games, Work, hanging out on Pure Pwnage foruns/irc, going out and having a good time. 

Occupation: I work at Best Buy and I sell cameras.  (Discount is awesome)

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Hello Hak.5 community, im was a member of this community  a long time ago... but wasnt really active. I decided to take a new start in this community... heres a little about myself:

my name is Sebastien Harnois

Country: Canada

Age: 15

Sex: Male

OS: Windows

im all new in the hacking world and joined this community to learn more about it.

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Hey, I've been watching podcasts of your show on my modded xbox(XBMC script).  I really like it.  I used to watch tech tv a lot before they took it off air, and I think G4 sucks. . .  Well gaming is cool and all, but my true passion is for hardware, operating systems, networking, etc. This is why I like your show, though I think Wess should dive into some more complex modding :P I miss Yoshi from tech tv.

Anyway, I'm a hardcore modder myself.  I'm typing this through linux on my xbox, and yes it also plays doom, as well as any other emulated console.  I enjoy overclocking, modding hardware such as voltmodding, IHS removals on CPU's, watercooling, etc.  I'm also a member of a lot of other hardcore PC tech forums.

I aim to be helpful in the forums, and show off some wicked stuff, as well as being a contributing member all around(I try to do so in all forums). 

I'm about to be building a pretty decent system, and overclocking the crap out of it.  I'll be sure to make a thread when I get all the parts.  It will be socket AM2.

I'm also a musician as a secondary hobby.  I play bass guitar.

Anyways, I wont be posting as much until I get my new rig up and running, I hate using this crappy res on my tv screen, but I had to get on here and sign up after watching your show for 2 days. 

Keep up the good work guys! I'll try my best to contribute to the forums.

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Have been watching your stuff for a while now, just recently d/l'ed the whole lot again.  Big shout out the the HAK. 5 team, you guys do a great job and always provide an interesting show.

Name: Kev

Favourite game: UT GOTY (used to be in a clan, don't get much time but still love it!!)

Favourite OS: XBMC (it brings all my hak. 5 goodness to my loung room(not sure if counts as OS))

Favourite console: Xbox1

Nationality: Australian (Only country where it is ok to eat the animal on the coat of arms :) )

Accent: English

Sex: Male


Race: White European

Height: 194cm (6' 3" or sumthin)

Status: Married

Build: Tall fit

Favourite band: Pantera, RATM

Favourite book: Too many, the Wheel Of Time series is great

Favourite author:Robert Jordan

Favourite movie: Anything Sci-FI

Favourite TV Show: Heroes, the shield

Other hobbies: Building/fixing pc's, small engine repairs, workin on cars/bikes, playin with the kids, cards with friends, checkin out how many open wireless connections are in my town(25%open, 50%WEP, 25%WPA) so far

Car: 84RC colt, 01 Fairmont.

Background: Technolust started when I was in primary school with the VIC 20.  Later upgraded to the C64, even back then used to get games/code from BBS's.  Spent MANY hours punchin in code for new games, used to stay up alll weekend, no little sleep.  Moved onto a 386 when i could afford it.  Got into hardware (actualy opened the case and had a look) after a local computer shop charged me $50 to replace the CMOS battery!  Have not looked back since.  I now work for a computer shop fighting the good fight against spyware/viruses and stupid users.

Guys, I can't wait for the next season to start, and I hope that I can contribute to the scene.

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Well i thought I may as well introduce myself.  I've been watching Hak. 5 since about midway through season 1.  Although I've never really been to the forums before.  I thought it was about time that changed. . .  so here I am.

Name: Chris

Nationality: British

Location: Austria (no kangeroos here)

Age: 30 (yeah I know I'm old)

Brief History: Been a server support guy (windows mostly) for about 10 years.  Just leaving my currenty job (through my own choice) and working on getting into the security side of things.  Where better to start than hak. 5  :P

some more info I seem to have forgotten....

Favourite game: Morrowind

Favourite OS: Anything non-Microsoft

Favourite console: PlayStation 2

Nationality: British

Accent: Essex

Sex: Male

Race: White European

Height: 5'11

Build: Changes quite regular

Favourite band: The Pillows

Favourite book: The Cuckoos Egg

Favourite author: So many, so little time

Favourite movie: Dogma

Favourite director: Peter Jackson

Favourite TV Show: Dr. House

Hobbies: Learning, fixing my car, swimming

Car: 1990 VW Corrado G60 (with a few nice subtle mods)

Occupation: Unemployed (through personal choice)

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i am a young man with a huge mission. I want to become as well educated in the computer filed as i can so that i can one day open up an orphanage and teach the kids my talents that way they can make a living when they grow up.


Age 21

Brief History:Pc Tech, Lan certification, Linux class's works as a tier 2 Administration at my college.

QuoteEvery man of intergeraty has a child at hart

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Favourite game: Resident Evil 2

Favourite OS: . . . I don't even know what this is, I'm such a n00b.  :sad:

Favourite console: PlayStation?

Nationality: British I guess

Accent: Strong Northern Irish hi!

Sex: Femalw

Race: White European

Height: 5'7/8

Build: Skinny

Favourite band: Slipknot

Favourite book: Devils Knot - The True Story Of The West Memphis 3

Favourite author: No idea

Favourite movie: Fifth Element

Favourite director: Dunno

Favourite TV Show: Ugly Betty :lol:

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite actress: Mila Jojovich

Favourite Pinup: :lol:

Favourite Comedian: :lol:

Other hobbies: Reading, singing, drawing

Car: :lol:

Occupation: Student

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Hello, Im back, some of you may remember me, I use to have an account here ages ago but it got deleted along with all my posts and no one could tell me why, so i kind of didnt come back, but im bored and i thought i would check this place out again.  So hi, im back :D

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Favourite game: N/A

Favourite OS: .  .  .  Slackware

Favourite console: N/A?

Nationality: American

Accent: 1/2 Yankee 1/2 Redneck

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'4

Build: Thin

Favourite band: System Of A Down

Favourite book: Anthem - Ayn Rand

Favourite author: Ayn Rand

Favourite movie: Freddie Got Fingered

Favourite director: N/A

Favourite TV Show: N/A

Favourite actor: Ben Stiller

Favourite actress: Rachael Leigh Cook

Favourite Pinup: Vida Guerra

Favourite Comedian: Chelsea Handler

Other hobbies: Forgery,Electronics

Car: V DUB

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

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Greetings all. . . . . my name is wayne,  a. k. a  nitecrawler 

I arrive at your doorstep with my everlasting thirst for knowledge!

Nationality: Australian

Location: Melbourne

Age: 38  (my first computer was steam powered)

Brief History: Home business Computer Techie/married/2 beautiful daughters aged 2 and 11 months/modest home in a nice spot

Favourite game: Dont game much anymore cause im sick of the kids whipping my butt!

Favourite OS: Windows Vista Ultimate Geek / Have a Linux box and currently playing with Sabayon

Favourite console: the dash on a 747 in my flight sim

Accent: Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

Sex: Male

Race: when i have the fuel

Height: 6' nothing

Build: skinny, pale geek

Favourite band: Any hard rock

Favourite book: dont read books as im always on the network

Favourite movie: Blood Diamonds

Favourite director: the bloke who made Blood Diamonds

Favourite TV Show: dont watch much TV as im always on the network

Hobbies: digital technology, hanging with my kids

Car: 1999 Holden Commodore clubsport

Occupation: Self Employed Computer Techie

Thanks for reading my dribble and hope to get to know most of you better!

Cheers all! 

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hello hak 5 members my name's Edy and well im your average computer geek but as i know i have a long ways to go till i'm a complete computer guru

Well anyways about me

Name: Edy

Age: 16

Corpus christi texas

High Schooler

DIY enthusiast

I enjoy lots of stuff working out, computers, DIYprojects, gaming, and lots of other stuff

I joined the hak 5 community when i saw it on another forum and i found its exactly what i have been looking for it has a mix of haxz mods and plety of coding which i need to begin to be fluent in.

Well thats me thank you all and i hope to learn and grow with yall

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Guest requiemnoise

Favourite game: don't play anymore

Favourite OS: MultiOS type of guy. Most of time, I prefer a Debian based system.

Nationality: US

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Race: ask your mom

Favorite band: former musician and engineer... too many!

Favorite TV Show: lost and twin peak

Other hobbies: synth designs, recording, learning different OSes

Occupation: Systems Consultant  (former music producer)

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