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  1. Well that's one way of getting your daily shot of news, but it looks cool, i think i have seen a similar project a while ago :)
  2. I think it sounds like a good idea it sounds fairly easy to do, it would be nice to see a feature like this in the forum or in the general IPB package ^.^
  3. I once found a USB stick from a university in Denmark that had alot of unpublished research data on some medicine, but really none of this surprises me, im just waiting for the day where somebody gets killed because of it, maybe then people will learn to keep their secret documents secret and secure...
  4. RPG right now but when Left4Dead comes out it could change my mind ;)
  5. If i was a US citizen i would vote for Obama ^.^ I think that McCain is a bit well stupid at some points and i don't like him or Palin..
  6. Spore is really nice, i like the first person view on creating a spices up from the ground and going throu the 5 civilications, right now i am in the last age and im really liking the whole universe part of the game. The indepth costumisation of the game alto i think there should be more options on building parts and buildings etc. but you can always complain of something that is missing.. but overall a really good solid game from my point of view. So what are you waiting for go get it! ;)
  7. This would be a fun project to do and use where i study, because there i study the celing is a bunch of squares about 30x30cm's and you can lift them, so make one of them and throw them up where people usually use their laptops would be cool to try :)
  8. If you want to gain admin access on windows xp then use a ophcrack live cd and get the password, that's how we all got admin access where i study ;)
  9. I'd rather buy the Asus Eee PC or the MSI Wind, a guy in my class has the first version of the Asus Eee PC, that screen is only good for one thing and that's Tetris! but i think the new versions of the Asus Eee PC are looking very promising whit the 2-3x gain on battery time and the bigger screen ;)
  10. Where i study they don't have any proxy for gaming so its all LAN or thou a ssh server but that gives alot of lag.. we have to run our ssh servers on port 443 to be able to connect to them from the network, all other ports are locked down.
  11. Yeah i say the same thing, i do not see a reason to have 2 forums, it would be the same as having 2 wiki's, i can understand having 2 websites because the show have joined rev3 but i do not see a problem whit just linking the rev3 forums to the hak5.org forums.
  12. Well i dno if u can do that but here are some plugins for Windows Live Messenger Beta 8.1. Messenger Plus! http://www.msgpluslive.net/ StuffPlug http://www.stuffplug.com/ and the Mess.be patch http://www.Mess.be I use those 3 and some scripts for Messenger Plus u can finde on there website ;)
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