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  1. sorry for bumping an old thread but how well do these run? would this higher voltage also work for the fon? some of you talk about leaving it somewhere, how would you supply it of a internet connection? and last but not least to where would you log the data?
  2. i say just use the serial its the easiest and the adapter is pretty cheap, all you need is a internal 5 pin usb cable : and one of these cheap adapters : (see http://goo.gl/aWKta) thats under $5 and you can find em even cheaper on ebay, you can even get em without the plastic shell for about $3,70 incl free shipping then all you have to do is follow this guy's instructions :
  3. DLSS

    Freenas Vs Qnap

    well it is only a 1 disk box,if you get the 2 disk version (so DS210J instead of the DS110J) it does support raid1 (and ofcoarse their multiple hdd nas systems support more raid options but are waay above my budget)
  4. DLSS

    Freenas Vs Qnap

    pretty great seeing i have it multitasking, and while doing downloads & uploads from bittorrent & usenet, and indexing my tv shows on sickbeard i am still able to stream 1080p from it, but that seems to be about the max i can pull from it, when i try to stream 2 hd it has a bit of difficulty. but for actual numbers i'l just point you to snb: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/nas/nas-reviews/31125-new-to-the-charts-synology-ds110j afaik the ntfs problems have been solved since dsm 3.0 (also according to that article you can probably solder on a esata connector :P, so that's my next hardware mod as soon as my soldering skills improve) the only thing i'm not yet doing with it is use the itunes server and security center(it can manage and record up to i think 5 ipcams so cant comment on that. oh i forgot it can also run as a squeeze box server, hell with the right adapter or a set of usb speakers you can even use it as a stereo/webradio xD (including if i'm not mistaken an android & ios app to control it) i'm running it almost 24/7 for a bit over a year now with no problem (i have it shut down for 15minutes at night) and th little fan is quiet to unhearable (if anything its the HDD i hear xD). for some guides on the mods check their forums : http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewforum.php?f=77 or if you speak dutch, i find their dutchboards a tad better organised and better for guides : http://www.synology-forum.nl/viewforum.php?f=54 also there's a huge amount of easy to install packages, but in some cases i prefer installing the (not really) hard way over ssh cli because that way you can install em where you want and usually set wich ports to use while these packages set a default port for that package : superzebulon puts out some good packages and keeps em well updated : http://synoblog.superzebulon.org/ (he has packages for couchpotato, python, sabnzbd+, transmission, midnight commander, and he's working on a headphones package) merty also put out some great packages but isn't as frequent as superzebulon, but he was first to release a sabnzbd+ package, and his had the advantage of being able to update with the sabhelper (just feed it the official python package) or if that doesnt work update from sourceforge or repositories in the cli instead of waiting for a new ipkg to be released ... http://www.mertymade.com/syno/ some dutch guides on installing and configuring some of the packages : http://www.storvision.nl/synology-addons/ there is so much more to say xD i love this thing and i couldn't live without it now, hell i even turn my computer on less often, cos it auto downloads the movies and tv series i want, i can check in and add things over the net (so while @colledge i can simply tell it to download other things i find) and when i come home i just need to turn on my xbmc media center and let it play the new episodes :D
  5. DLSS

    Freenas Vs Qnap

    dont quote me on this but it think synology has a little more active community then qnap, both use pretty much the same base and both support ikg packages to add software i do like the web interface of synology more and believe it might have a few more functions by default. that said i bought mine to mod it into a download station and as to have something to ssh through ... and eventually went for the synology cos it was a little cheaper then the equivalent on the qnap side. i'm currently using a ds110j running dsm3.1, sabnzbd+, sickbeard, couchpotato, transmission, and a few other things ... did i mention it has 2 usb ports on the back wich support most usb hubs, and multiple external harddrives (so for example you can put 1 2TB inside , and hook 5 or so external HDD's up to it via usb, it can put them to sleep if not in use) the ds110j is pretty affordable these days i'd say check via their website : http://www.synology.com/us/products/DS110j/index.php best of luck :D
  6. i just tunnel everything over ssh using putty + sockscap on x32 (dont remember the tool i use on x64 tho)
  7. 1. checked & done but didnt help 2. also checked and tried with both settings 3. attempted to fix multiple times with bootmgr, mbrfix (not sure on the name but cba to look it up) and almost any other mbr related tool available on hiren 10.5 the win 7 cd was bootable, however recovery mode (general & startup) couldn't see the win7 install, when you'd do a install with it it would however see the partitions but not let you format them, delete them or anything else 4. eventually what i did >_> (to edit) tried bootrec aswell so yeah nothing i havent found or tried, but nice sum up nonetheless :D thanks for wanting to help the one thing ive learned is never to use computer management > disk management to resize or create/format a partition as after teh complete reinstall, my mate tried to split a partition & format the new part as ntfs the whole disk (wich was now normal) turned dynamic again everything runs fine but after the shit ive now been through i'm not touching or attempting to fix a dynamic disk again (atleast not in the near future)
  8. i gave up, made a backup of the files & nuked it it wouldnt even format with the 7install disk or dban so eventually was able to format using old trusy gparted <3 now just reinstalling from scratch
  9. the harddrive is seen by the bios, i dont kno the exact motherboard, but its a hp probook 6550b
  10. any chance i could back up the data on the drives thru the pe-xp and try to backup the registry, then do a fresh install, recreate the drives and move everything back ?
  11. cant really unplug mutch as its a laptop but doubt its a cable problem i checked the setting & tied both check my previous post for the recoery method as far as i kno there's only one harddrive installed wich has the os will try and set it to firstboot in bios but doubt it'll make a difference .... i'll check the boot loader again with mbrfix in a minute -update- no luck with mbrfix either
  12. didnt work unfortunately. hell if i kno, a mate bought a laptop @ uni hp probook with everything preinstalled that was needed (win 7 ultimate upgrade, office, some av etc ....) it came to the problem it has now after attempting to recover a deleted partition (just data partition not the os partition) with testdisk, it attempting & failing to convert dynamic to basic disk and we recovered it to the current state with diskpatch -> http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/dp_manual/dy...cdiskrepair.htm as said in 1st post everything is accesible through a xp-pe disk but it wont boot from HDD and win7 install disk persists there's no installation to be found
  13. sorry yeah dynamic disks first time i've encountered these,
  14. >_> no ofcoarse no drives but the HDD & DVD drive connected, DVD drive is empty
  15. after recovering a system back to its dynamic-partitions i keep getting the non-system disk or disk error the usual mbrfix etc dont help as they dont see the win7 install, neither does the win7 install disk. i can however acces all partitions via a boot cd with a pe-xp , it has me baffled :( anyone got a clue, or some tips on the recovery ? thnx in advance (ps pretty urgent i need to have this system fixed by monday)
  16. nope no e-bay drive its a promotional drive from planet people. trying to dissasemble it but kinda hard getting it apart ... *update* ok tore the casing apart , the chip's a chipbank CBM 2091 896607-14 hope that helps :(
  17. hey IOSys any chance you could help me with this one ? chipgenius:
  18. i was doubting if i was going to post this because even tho its similar to autopwn on linux (not the same thing or author) and metasploit, the description isn't exactly whitehat, even tho it can be used for such ... anyway : source : http://winautopwn.co.nr/
  19. that did the job :P entered his passw , reformatted the partition , and reinstalled rest of u3 wish i could share that bottle of vodka i'm getting with you guys :D
  20. really ? i see a few i must admit but all typo's (unless you mean me leaving the ' out (i do tht a lot :( ) jeah tried gparted, but it doesn't see it :( flip the bit ? haven't got a clue what exactly you want me to do, but i'll open my hexeditor and wait for instructions :P
  21. well u can see teh data partition in my computer, when you try and open it it askes you to insert disk into the drive ... the cd partition is visible buth in my computer and diskmgmt.msc but the data partition isnt visible in diskmgmt.msc .... creating a new tc volume over it wont work and gives an error (as it also doesnt seem to see the partition) i assime fdisk would give me the same result as diskmgmt.msc
  22. ok so a guy at school botched up his 8GB sandisk cruzer. after i explained how truecrypt worked mr numbnuts decided he wanted to try it on his cruzer. wich still had u3 active on it and useing the password protection (he had the pass enterend, but having it active i assume is part of the prob) then he proceeded by instead of creating a tc file creating a volume of the drive. now the data partition wont detect under windows or linux, the u3 deinstaller wont work cos it cant find the u3launcher. and formatting wont work ... and even mounting it with truecrypt wont work: (error: incorrect volume size)
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