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  1. When I do physical assessments that have WPA/2 enabled wireless networks I would like to have the ability to walk around the facility with a pineapple in my backpack and have it constantly trying to get a handshake in a reliable way. Here are a few requirement requests: Stability is key. I might only get one walk through to get it done. Needs to support more than one WPA ESSID (name). If I am targeting a building and they have a Employee and Guest networks I need to be able to get both in one go. See #1 Ability to automatically verify the handshake is valid via Aircrack or other tool Remove WPA ESSID automatically from the rotation if valid handshake is captured Shutdown the pineapple if all captured (save battery) optional setting Constantly be re-scanning the area for best AP to target. (If "BOBWIFI") is no longer in range it shouldn't attack it again Always target AP with best signal if possible Prioritize APs with clients if possible Have an auto-on with loaded AP names so I can just plug in the Pineapple when it's go time and not have to configure anything post-boot. Have the ability to auto-add APs in the area to a "temp" list while keeping a "target" list. List of APs with captured/verified handshakes for easy download of cap file Use both wifi cards if possible for 5ghz (TETRA) as well as 2ghz Try a few ways to get the handshake, I know there are a few techniques out there but I don't recall them all. Thoughts?
  2. HowToGeek has a good write up on cracking WPA - http://www.howtogeek.com/202441/your-wi-fi’s-wpa2-encryption-can-be-cracked-offline-here’s-how/ You also have the Hak5 episode about cracking WPA:
  3. My name is Rob a.k.a mubix Favourite game at the moment: BF2 Favourite OS: Gentoo Favourite console: XBMC Nationality: American Accent: English Sex: Male Age:24 Race: White European Height: 6â€5’ Status: Married Build: Tall - Medium build Favourite band: The Pixies Favourite book: The Wizard's First Rule Favourite author: Terry Goodkind Favourite movie: Dead Poets Society Favourite director: Kevin Smith Favourite TV Show: 24 Favourite actor: Robin Williams Favourite actress: Mira Sorvino Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Robin Williams Other hobbies: Raising/playing with my son, running Hak.5 Radio, playing video games. Car:2005 Carolla, 2000 Ford Focus (I hate fords but you can't beat free) Occupation: CERT
  4. They asked Pakistan where Osama Bin Ladin was and got told to "Just fucking google it!"? LOL that is classic.
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