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What does "RPG" mean?


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Lol, for the longest time I thought it mean't "lots of luck", not "Laugh out loud".

I read somewhere (bash perhaps?) about some girl that thought 'lol' meant 'lots of love'. So when a relative of a friend died, she sent that friend a mail pretty much saying: "Sorry for your loss. Lol!"

Can you say 'ouch'?

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Uh, I always thought FTW was fuck the world, for some reason

In Toronto over the weekend we stopped on the street when we saw a chopper with a helmet that read "FTW". We all laughed and I took a pic with my camera phone. Then the biker came around and we commented on the helmet. He looked at us and said "fuck the world baby".

so yeah, I guess it depends on where you are between the geek <----> biker scale.

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