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  1. I've been posting for a while, I guess this post is just a way of apologising for my lack of posting, I read loads of threads with a lot of interest but hate posting for the sake of it, and rarely have the knowledge to contribute to many threads, prefering to soak up the knowledge instead ;). I'll try and go on IRC more I think... So anyhow, for those of you that have seen my posts flitting around recently, I'll speak to you all again soon on IRC :).
  2. I'm currently listening to all of the (well, upto episode 5 so far) security now podcasts. For someone who doesn't know a lot, and ought to know a lot more, it's a nice place to at least pick up basic information about certain topics, so I can then go and look for specific information on that subject. Still, time's against me at the moment-my dissertation is due in 10 days and I have another 4000 words to write, without all of my results as yet...
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