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  1. what are you? 13? this is the internet, grow up.
  2. the only noob i see here is you. that is all.
  3. by tripod i thought u ment ur dick...
  4. plug it in other peoples pooters
  5. j00 bl4tently g0t PWNT by the partition pixies
  6. some times i like my curry with a nann bread. preferably a pashwari
  7. works like a charm A+++ good ebayer, reconmended
  8. did i say you could post in my thread noob? and MSI PWNZ YOU NOOBEN
  9. melodic


    i can still smell the woffles
  10. melodic


    i can tell this episode is shit already...99.3mb? suppose its just of woffleing BS...
  11. Happy New Years moonlit, VaKo, cooper are ze best. have fun /verlodic :twisted:
  12. putting the hardrive in your pc will NOT work... thats 100% what filevault protects AGAINST it encrypts ALL the files... so u ent getting ne thing with out that password mate...
  13. Ill have a quarter of your finest Jamacian Semsimilia
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