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  1. Right! Their 8 and 9. I never had a father, but I figured I will allow them to be kids until "double digits". Then they will start taking things apart and tinkering. I don't think I'll have any major issues with them, I'm more or less more worried about "accidental discovery".
  2. Thanks again guys for all the suggestions and info. I'm finally getting around to messing with this. Currently setting up 2 VM's 1 of Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.3 and Ubuntu Server 17.10 to play with Squid. I didn't do much research yet and am not sure if those are even the best base OS to run Squid on, I simply did one search for Squid setup or something like that and the first OS I saw mentioned was Ubuntu. OpenDNS is nice, but easy to get around. I saw something about SafeDNS, but haven't checked it out yet. @PoSHMagiC0de I have quite a few router's, ASUS and Nighthawk series are what I primarily use, but I had forgotten all about Untangle and PFSense. I had two PowerEdge 650's in my rack running those as router's behind 2 modem's at 1 point years ago. You all have given me a lot of good idea's and advice and I greatly appreciate it. I'm gonna to mess with Squid and iptables first to at least familiarize myself with them. Just curious, if a medium to small business owner was in need of the same or similar solution would any of the above recommendations change/be different?
  3. Thanks for all the info and quick response guys. My babies are (about to be 8) this Wednesday and 9. Their good kids I don't really worry about them getting curious at least not yet, but I don't want any accidents either. I remember hearing about Squid years ago, but I've never messed with it. We primarily use Chrome, but being that IE would still be an option, I want to really lock things down at the router/ap level. YouTube, I agree there are some things on there not suitable for young kids, but that's the one thing where I trust and allow them to watch appropriate content. So far I've been blessed, the biggest issue there is those compilation videos where some clips are fine then some have a lot of cussing, etc. I ran DD-WRT for years, but never played with iPtables. I guess now my concern is which would be more reliable/stable and do the best job? If Squid then what would be the best preferred setup via OS to run it on or in a VM? Also does iPtables or Squid do any form of reporting via emial or txt in the even anyone on that network tried to search for say porn or would I have to manually check logs? I will probably be using a nighthawk router and soon a UniFi AP Pro access point for that network setup.
  4. In the process of setting up 2 machines for my little ones and I want to make sure they don't "accidentally" stumble upon something they shouldn't. I have parental controls and content filtering inside the router which works well, but I'm wanting to have a separate network for just the kids and I want everything on that network to be restricted to appropriate content only. Should I setup a proxy and point their browser's to route traffic through a proxy, is there a web filter app/server software you recommend? OpenDNS works well, but if I remember right I was able to somewhat view content that should have been blocked. The only thing I really want fully open is YouTube. Thanks in advance. I'm open to all suggestions, the more enterprise the better.
  5. G-Stress

    iOS MDM

    I am surprised I searched the forums for (mdm, mobile device management and meraki) and I didn't see anything pertaining to anything mdm related. From what I've found Meraki seems to be the best free mdm available. I've been playing with it for a few hours tonight and watching youtube videos on it. My question is, is there a way to filter netflix and youtube? I have iPad mini's for the kids and have installed a profile on their ipads and set a few things, but even setting the podcasts to clean and movie rating locks to TV-14 I was still able to watch R rated movies on netflix. I've been all through restrictions and they are enabled as well and seem to take care of preventing adult content, but youtube and netflix seem to be a bit more complex to filter. Myself and a friend share a netflix account and I saw I can manage some parental controls via the account properties, but it seems as if it sets those permissions for all profiles. There is a separate profile created just for me, but when logging in it always gives the option of which profile to use. If it could default or force my profile only that would work as I don't really use netflix I only have it for the kids. They watch a lot of yotube video's and I'm sure those will be hard to filter. What I would like to filter is bad language if possible and of course anything not kid appropriate. A good example is I find my son watching Vine compilation video's and there is usually a lot of bad language that I wish I could filter out. Other things I'd like to do is hide settings from the ipad or certain features of settings, pretty much anything but connecting to wifi networks. I noticed that if the kids knew how they could go in settings and remove the meraki profile very easily. I've tried spiceworks and would try air watch, but I don't want to pay licensing fee's just for a few parental settings I need remote management of. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks a lot Barry99705! I have never even heard of this Google Timeline. I am just checking it out now and I see the option to download a copy of my data, but is there a way to automate a downloadable copy? Say once a week? Anyone else interested in this I found this also today http://off-the-clock.timothy-nicole-marks.com/computers-and-electronics/iphone-gps-to-pc Haven't tested it out yet, but from what I read it sounds legit.
  7. Yes it's pretty sweet. It helped me remember where I was last at one night for work even tells how long you were there. I just would like a way to send the data to a server at home in some form of a nice gui.
  8. Hey guys, I recently found out a trick on the iphone to view where I have been via location and privacy settings including dates and time and I actually like it. I'm wondering is there a way to have my phone report or log this data to a server running at home? Googling only keeps turning up how to disable location and privacy services. Using the phone is nice, but you have to goto Settings, Privacy, Location Services, System Services, Frequent Locations to view the data and it only saves so much it looks like. I want to be able to save it all. Even a way to create a shortcut on my home screen and view the data and be able to send it manually would be nice as well.
  9. @ digip, Yes! These Asus are absolutely amazing! Plus built in Telnet and SSH :) It's like "out of the box DD-WRT" I love it!
  10. @ Cooper, these camera's have an option inside to upload video via FTP or HTTP. I basically have a FTP login saved inside the camera's config and it uploads video on motion detection. The router has a built in FTP server Samba Share, etc. option and I have a 1TB WD Passport pocket drive plugged into the USB 3.0 port where the video's are saved. It works amazingly well! As far as the shell scripting, (I'm not a developer at all) I can understand scripts a bit though. I found a few online and it seems like quite a bit of code for such a simple task. Is there not an app with a nice gui to do this? Perhaps maybe even the windows task scheduler which I have actually never messed with. Think I'll play with that a bit today. @ digip are you and your mother neighbor's? You said you bridged them end to end? If that was the case I would say bury you a cat5 in conduit from house to house to have a physical connection. You are so right though I absolutely love these serious of ASUS! They really are on point for the advanced and expert tech.
  11. Hey guys, I recently setup some IP Cam's using an ASUS RT-AC56R Router and I must say I absolutely LOVE these newer AC Asus router's with all their features including built in PPTP VPN Server! However I have a few camera's that upload motion detection via FTP to a USB drive plugged into this Router. What I'm wanting is a program that can monitor say this drive or specific folder's on the drive to automatically delete or overwrite the files after 90 days. I'm sure I can find a script to do this online, but something with a nice gui would be awesome! Also I will have to say anyone reading this curious about purchasing/upgrading a router I deal with a variety on a daily basis and I must say this ASUS AC series alone is by far one of the best off the shelf consumer grade router's to date based off the feature's it provides. I merely purchased it strictly for the built in VPN Server, but all the other feature's are a bonus :) My only complaint is that the VPN server has a 10 user connection limit max.
  12. G-Stress

    In Car DVR

    That will be a drawback for in car use, but I can see at least one of these coming in handy for my daily work duties as well as other duties.
  13. G-Stress

    In Car DVR

    This just keeps getting more and more interesting. Appreciate all the info! @ Barry99705, that Bore scope camera looks real nice! Small, compact, can have many of them installed to my liking and concealable with decent enough video. Plus their not to pricey. A camera like this can actually come in use for many many uses. I will probably definitely be trialing one of these in the near future. My biggest concern here is how does it perform in the dark without any light attachment? I looked at the reviews, didn't thoroughly read them, but didn't see any mention of dark use.
  14. G-Stress

    In Car DVR

    I didn't even think about surgical cams. I'm betting those would be hard to get a hold of and pretty pricey. There is a company local who installs all of the law enforcement lights, siren's, surveillance, etc which is where I purchased my Muvi cam. I think I'll stop in there and talk to them again.
  15. G-Stress

    In Car DVR

    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm in Indiana and I too see used cruisers often with the spot lights and all. Also I did notice that the cams came in an as is condition which I don't want to invest in something and then regret it later. As far as the cameras I'm wondering what interior camera's they use when they do "hidden camera" shows on tv or stunt shows. I remember seeing a blind date prank on youtube once where the female frightened the men with her driving as she was a professional stunt driver, but they didn't know that. The camera's used in the car though were I believe hidden in the vents so they'd have to be pretty small. I'm just curious what kind they were, because those would be perfect.
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