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  1. I am running a small shoutcast server but winamp likes to stop ever 2 or 3 songs. :/ How can I keep it so that it will continue playing?
  2. I'm going to broadcast shoutcast server (mp3) I have a monthly bandwidth limit of 10GB. What bitrate would be best to broadcast? I'm going to broadcast to PSP's (playstation portable) which as you probably know can handle less bandwidth than a pc. So considering these factors what is the best bitrate for me to use? (10 listener limit, until I upgrade)
  3. I understand how /p woks But I am not quite sure on how to make that work for my purpose. I was thinking having a prompt like this.... If you have a slim enter "s" below, If you have a phat enter "p" below. What psp do you have: then it would prompt again for the drive to copy to What is your psp drive letter: Then copy all the correct files to the psp. I can try myself although I've never done it like this, if you could at least give me an example?
  4. How can I make it so it will do this. When I get to echo Copy the contents of the folder for your psp - Slim or echo phat folder depending on which your going to use it on, to your psp. How can I have it so that it will prompt you if you want to use slim or phat as well as the drive letter of the psp. Then copy the contents of the folder to that drive? This would be much easier on the user
  5. I made this on my own so it's probably messy as it is the first I've done of this size. I don't work alot with bat scripts. I just want you guys to tell me if this script looks like it will work properly with the files it needs. I would try it myself but I don't have my psp atm and cannot test it without one. Just tell me if it looks like it was coded right. This script is supposed to do what is in this readme file: @echo off :A Cls echo PSP Automated MMS Maker echo I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONABLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PSP Pause Goto A :A Cls echo This script was created to allow you to echo create a magic memory stick for your psp echo You must have a pandora battery to use this. Pause Goto B :B Cls echo Copy the msinst and mspformat folders to drive C Pause Goto C :C Cls echo Enable USB mode and echo enter your psp drive letter below set /p d=PSP Drive Letter: C:mspformatmspformat.exe %d% Pause Goto D :D Cls echo Disable USB mode on your psp Pause Goto E :E Cls echo Remove your memory stick Pause Goto F :F Cls echo Put it back in echo Then re-enable usb mode Pause Goto G :G Cls echo Copy the contents of the folder for your psp - Slim or echo phat folder depending on which your going to use it on, to your psp. Pause Goto H :H Cls echo Now enter your psp drive letter below set /p d2=PSP Drive Letter: C:msinstmsinst.exe %d2% msinstmsipl.bin Pause Goto I :I Cls echo You have succesfuly created a magic memory stick Pause exit
  6. updated first post with links to images used :)
  7. wuz going to but there is one in the zip and they are in the wiki....
  8. If you want use them great if not then dont. I don't need to hear how bootscreens take up more load time, yada, yada Images by: MoonLit And TestMad Images taken from wiki Credit given in readme file along with a preview of the image Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the use or any possible damage VISTA ONLY Download MoonLit BootScreen http://www.mediafire.com/?2ygjogx2wvw Download TestMad BootScreenscreenshot- http://static.flickr.com/70/187887581_611ded3e24_m.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/?bljnddl1xiv screenshot- http://static.flickr.com/25/60062151_f0bfcf3653_m.jpg
  9. Honestly you can make a cheaper linux pc with much more power I just dont understand making an os with mostly if not all web based apps. Just sounds kind of redundant.
  10. The Gos pc is a very cheap computer running on a copy of linux, 99% of its "applications" are just windows that load Google apps such as Gmail, calender etc. What do you think about this? From what I can tell it is the first open source or free linux based os to be used commercially. Here is the site http://thinkgos.com/ Some things to think about. 1. Is this good for linux/open source? 2. Is the os even worth having since it runs mostly web based apps? 3. Will a non-computer savvy consumer enjoy such a pc when they are probably used to windows?
  11. Well yes but if the consumers realize this than you would think they would worry about a decrease in sales. But then again they have so much money I doubt they care all that much.
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