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Usage of crap computer?


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Well i got a old computer specs:


128mb sdrram

40 or 20 gb of hd "think its 40"

A floppy drive!!!

Cdrom drive

Network card


Very old gfx card, as I remember it can run the old cs and half-life

so anyone got a suggestion of what i can do whit it

"Better than my friends proposal of sitting on it" ?

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Proxy is easy as shit.

just download PHProxy and copy everythig into your www folder, deleting the standard index.html

Go to localhost to see that its is working, and if it is, set the server up with your ip/dyndns

file server is easy in windows, at least

go to the wiki and get the HFS usb toolkit app. You can set this up as a file server with a web interface

However, HFS isnt exactly the most robust server app

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I'd just use it to f**k about with.

Play with different OS's see how many you can get on there, see how fast you can clock it or stick dos/win 3.1 on there and see if you can get any 32bit programme other than hearts to run with the win32 dlls.

That'd be the best hack ever, i will forever worship anyone who can get a 32bit app running on 3.1 with the win32 dlls, (not including hearts of course. and without any decompiling or code changes to the app).

oh wait its says 1000mhz, i read 100 mhz. it won't be all that much fun to play with. eBay it to some sukka. PC for sale with cd-rom drive and keyboard, will run windows XP, complete with cheap flimsy mouse shaped like a cute animal of some sort $1000.

Also my definition of a crap machine would be 286 or less, i think i could handle a 286 as long as it had a harddrive.

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I freaking hate how there are topics like this where a 1Ghz machine is considered crap. The best machine in my house is less than that. A crap machine is a freaking Pentium 100Mhz with 30 Mbs of RAM, and a 1.2GB Hard Drive.


that's becsaue they are didn't you know as soon as 2.60GHz came out 2.599999999999GHz became crap... didn't you get the memo

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i hear you famicoman, untill six months ago when i got the money to build my computer from working, the best comp we had was a celeron 533 mhz with 64 megs of ram. Runescape sucked ass when I was addicted a few years ago!!!

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I have a load of Pentium II 400MHz Compaq Armada 7400 Laptops with 256MB of memory, 6GB Harddrive’s, floppy drives and no NIC’s. All I did was stick in cheap ($4) knockoff Orinoco classic gold cards I got in Hong Kong and use a PCMCIA NIC to do network installs of either Debian or Slackware and set up Fluxbox on each of them.

They have most of the tools you find in BackTrack, plus a few different ones and are used by friends that come over and just want to use a computer and I give a few of them away every so often (I have 18 left).

Load time is under 10 seconds and they are very responsive with around 3 hours of battery life, make no noise and are light.

(Just because something is old doesn’t mean it is shit.)

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