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  1. really good guide there darren, this should help alot more n00bies get some mad wifi on :) looking forward to unlocking fonera+ aswell.
  2. Where did you get these parts from? Any guides on creating this power pack? It looks really good.
  3. I connected to my main router and did telnet, it connected ok so it doesnt seem to be blocking ports on my laptop.
  4. Finally I got my router which is plugged into my laptop through lan. I cant seem to telnet in, I know it sounds n00bish but it just wont do it. I have closed down zonealarm and turned off windows firewall, the routers setup as default to as gateway. I turned dchp off from router and changed tcp/ip on my laptop to, subnet and gateway I open putty and put in the box, set port to 9000 and select telnet. I then open a box and type in ping -t, i noticed that it will connect for 10secs with windows saying "lan c
  5. Is it possible tho? does open wrt support it?
  6. Would it be possible to link 2 fons together over wireless to cover a large wifi area. For example you got a laptop, a router, another router then a laptop.. ////////////Connects to ->//////<--------------->//////<--- Connects to Laptop 1 ------------------Fon1-------------------Fon2--------------------- Laptop 2 using some linux software to connect fon1 to fon2 as a bridge so that the area covered is larger. It would be cool to have a small cluster of wifi networks over a small community or a network with close friends.
  7. It seems you cant buy the old ones off the uk site, I had to pay £30 for a new version. Hope i can unlock this and get open wrt installed on it. Still waiting for it to arrive tho, been 4 days now :(
  8. Season 4 episode 1 and 2 have n00blube video in it with some tf2 bits, on the score board is the playername yankee deuce. I looked on steam community and this Yankee Deuce guy looks like a really hardcore tf2 player, i was asking if its anyone from hak5 or some random guy. suprised nobody actually noticed this.
  9. error 404, earth.php not found.
  10. The rev3 hak5 forums will really be for noobies who have just come across hak5. The main forums will be for the oldschool hardcore fans who made the show what it is today.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but ill go ahead anyway. First of all nice to see hak5 joining rev3, long time viewer since episode 1 here. A few weeks ago I came across a guy in the UK who managed to setup a VPN to re route all his ps3 traffic to an VPN server rented in america. The idea for this was to be able to access the USA PSN video store from outside the US, I know this can be done by anyone when creating a PSN account but the geo tracking stops anyone outside USA from viewing the video store within the PSN store. I found a guide for this and was really confuse
  12. I used to get that problem with the god dam ball mouse back in the day. I would be playing and all of a sudden i would be looking at the floor in circles. ul wes, i have been there myself when it comes to getting owned. We all have bad games and good games, just pwn his ass in css to get your confidence back. p.s dont get stressed either, just makes you lose your concentration which then makes you mad.
  13. Just went on the episode page and all the links on the nav bar are not included. http://www.hak5.org/episodes/ Also I would make the page wider since the hak5 live section goes over the template line.
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